With the tagline ‘Getting the F*ck on Video,’ Giselle Ugarte (yoo-gar-dee) is an online performance coach who shows real estate agents how to use social media. 

“My unique differentiator is I fully understand the world of short-form, which you might better known as TikTok and Reels. I started on YouTube 12 years ago, before YouTube was a verb and influencer was a job title….”

Giselle Ugarte

On this episode of the Over Ask Podcast (which TheClose.com named the #1 real estate podcast), Giselle shares her training methods, types of content agents should focus on, and being real on video.

Why real estate? 

Giselle likes to say real estate chose her. It started when she got on an app called Clubhouse a little more than a year ago and was quickly embraced by real estate agents. She saw a need and demand and loves how the community builds itself up.  

“Maybe 10 or 15% of my clients at the time were in real estate, and now it’s 80, 90%. And I’ve fully leaned into that.”

Giselle Ugarte

She’s enjoyed focusing on the world of real estate over the last year and disrupting the industry because she’s never sold a house, so she has no brand ties and no one to impress. She just tells it like it is. 

Training methods

Giselle’s favorite thing to do is speaking because it allows her to reach a lot of people in a short amount of time. But she also does virtual trainings four times a year. And one of her high-ticket items is one-on-one coaching for video content. 

“I know what it’s like to be stuck in that perfection paralysis or that analysis paralysis, and so, for those who need someone to quite literally hold their hand and hit the record button for them, that’s something that I do offer.”

Giselle Ugarte

Predictions coming true

Two years ago, Giselle made some predictions that have come true. Among them are the dominance of short-form video, the rise of the real estate influencer, and Glennda Baker blowing up on TikTok. 

While TikTok may be full of trends, Giselle actually encourages her clients to focus more on evergreen content than anything else. 

“If trends make you happy, and it’s just part of your regular consumption, to get inspired and have that light bulb, go for it. But what I like to say is…if you’re all about managing your time and being efficient, then evergreen content is the way to go.”

Giselle Ugarte

Evergreen content answers the questions your audience is asking again and again. And it always makes sense. Plus, it has a longer life span because it remains relevant through changing markets. 

Much of Giselle’s training involves helping clients unlearn what they think they’re ‘supposed to be doing’ vs who they actually are as people – and what works for them. By focusing on social media strategy, personal branding, business development, and time management, she gives clients the formulas needed to make amazing content and helps them get comfortable on camera. 

Agents reluctant to do video

When agents say, “I don’t have time for video,” it’s time to take a closer look at how they’re actually managing their time. 

“Nine out of ten agents who I work with are terrible at managing their time, myself included because we are sparkly-ball-chasing entrepreneurs….what ends up happening is you have a business that is reactive vs proactive.”

Giselle Ugarte

Presence vs perfection

Giselle brought up Taya DiCarlo and Glennda Baker showing some of their messy realness – and how that draws people in. 

“These people are letting you into their lives, and that is what’s gonna be the differentiating factor between someone who’s constantly trying to be perfect from someone who’s willing to share just a little bit more, including their voice, their story, their experience, their opinion….”

Giselle Ugarte

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Watch the full episode for more.

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