Real estate duo Matt Lionetti and Anna Oliver unleashed a marketing video for their $14.5 million property that’s nothing short of genius. 

With every frame shot by Forest City Films, you’ll find yourself wanting to pack your bags and move in immediately. It’s less listing video and more luxury commercial, creating an experience leaving you yearning for a life of pure indulgence. 

The pitch? “Every day is a good day when you end it here.”

Not Your Typical Listing Video

Instead of pointing out the property’s incredible features (which are numerous), Matt and Anna take a different approach. They let the story do the talking, captivating the audience with a narrative that brings the property to life in a way that talking about the home’s features simply cannot.

The video opens with Matt cruising down a quiet road on a turquoise “Easy Rider” bike before pulling up to a picturesque home. As he walks inside, he exclaims, “I’m home!” 

Anna, playing the role of his partner reading by the fireplace, beams with delight.

From there, the magic continues. The music sets the scene, evoking a feeling of luxury and domestic bliss in a home so magnificent, nothing can bring them down.

Playing the role of a couple of homeowners, they believe every day is a good day when it ends at their gorgeous multi-million dollar oasis on Eden Vale Drive. The home is so incredible, it magically transforms even the crappiest experiences into ironclad proof that they’re the luckiest people on earth. 

Matt’s car gets stolen? He finds a bike (and a nice one at that). 

His boss tells him not to bother coming in if he keeps doing what he’s doing? Time to plan a well-earned vacay! 

And where will they spend it? At home, of course! Where else would they feel as if nothing bad can happen to them? 

This place makes “staycation” sound like a good thing.

I dare you to watch the video only once. The whole thing feels as good to watch as the house makes this fictional couple feel when they’re in it. 

Matt is known for his funny videos, and this brilliantly-crafted skit plays to both his comedic talents and Anna’s natural grace and subtle humor. 

It’s “refined funny” as Matt describes it in the latest episode of the Over Ask Podcast

A Caption that Supports the Video

The Instagram caption begins by repeating the pitch made at the end of the video, followed by a concise description of the property. Note that this is where they include all its major selling points. 

A Timeless And Peaceful Escape. Over 15,000 Sf Of Meticulously Crafted Living Space On 2 Acres In The Sought-After Fairfield Estates. Offering 8 + 1 Beds, 11 Baths, 6 Car Garage And Parking For Up To 15 Cars. It Features A Custom Elevator, Indoor Spa, 25X54 Indoor Pool, Steam Room, Scandinavian Sauna With Lounge Area, Wine Room And Theatre Room.

Further down, you see the listing price of $14,500,000 and the Instagram handles of both Matt and Anna as the listing agents. 

The video, of course, is where the luxury home comes to life, making this addictive “commercial” worth repeating…over and over again. 

If you haven’t seen the video yet—or if you just want to watch it again and leave a comment—head on over to Instagram and share your thoughts.