How many social media posts have you made in the past that you know should have exploded and didn’t? 

(I can’t be the only one.)

The reality is, more often than not, your video doesn’t suck. Sometimes the real culprit is the algorithm—which, for reasons of its own, decides your post isn’t worth putting in front of more people. Hurtful. 

But I have a secret. 

It’s not the entire video. It’s the hook. 

Instead of trying to come up with new videos, here’s the key to getting more engagement: 

  1. Take an old video 
  2. Record a new hook
  3. Stitch them together

The reality is the audience isn’t watching anything you’re doing that closely. So, don’t worry about people seeing the same video twice. They probably didn’t make it through the first video’s hook anyway. 

So, make a list of your underperforming videos and start brainstorming some new hooks for them—or have ChatGPT do that for you. 

Then get your new and improved content online and watch your views go up. 

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