The Broke Agent usually handles BAM Creator announcements. But this is one I knew I had to do.

Lisa Chinatti is the broker-owner of the number one teamridge in Massachusetts, co-host of Knowledge Brokers Podcast, moderator of the 5AM Call, one of my accountability partners—and now, I can officially say, a BAM Creator. 

I first met Lisa through the Tom Ferry ecosystem—we were the last two people to join our nine-person East Coast mastermind group several years ago. And ever since then, she’s done nothing but help make my business (and me) better. 

The $5,000 Bet

Take for example, when Tom Toole and I took Lisa up on a $5,000 luxury bag bet. My challenge was to lead my team to do 1,000 sold units from April 2021 to April 2022. 

I immediately pushed back. There was no way we were going to hit that number with where we were at. But she, along with Tom and Jill Biggs, pushed me to take the bet anyway. 

Lisa said, “The point is you need to think bigger. You’re doing fine, but there’s so much opportunity you are leaving on the table by going at your own pace.”

With this, she pushed me to get out of my comfort zone and start making the investments in my team that it needed so it could produce 1,000 closings in a 12-month period.

Now—we didn’t make it in that 12 months, and I did have to pay Lisa her $5,000 Louis Vuitton bag. But my team made the investments in our recruiting, agent growth, call center, marketing, and admin infrastructure to be the team we are today.

It was the best $5,000 we spent all year.

We all know that we need accountability. But when you actually make the commitment to attach something to it, you get so much more out of it.

 Today, I continue to get on the phone three times a week with Lisa and Tom for our accountability calls—because they continuously push me out of my comfort zone, and hold me accountable to reaching my goals. 

Always Thinking Bigger

One of the reasons Lisa is such a force in the real estate industry is because, as she told me to do, she is always thinking bigger. As its own brokerage with over 100 agents, Chinatti Realty is paving the way for teamridges. That growth is no accident—Lisa is one of the best recruiters I’ve ever met and is on the phone daily talking with leads and new recruits. Like Tom Toole said,

Lisa’s one of the fiercest real estate operators I’ve ever met.

Tom Toole

Agents and team leaders aren’t the only ones who look to Lisa for guidance or inspiration. Industry executives from, Zillow, and other companies specifically ask for her feedback because she’s so data-driven that they know what she has to say is valuable.

Lisa Chinatti as a BAM Creator

You already know you can watch Lisa every week on the Knowledge Brokers Podcast, but you can expect to learn a lot more from her as a BAM Creator. She’ll be writing articles for and doing some guest hosting for the Hot Sheet.

She also just launched her first course on BAMx this week, where she dives into impactful follow-up and workflow within your CRM. If you’re not a BAMx member yet, sign up today and start watching:

I could go on and on about how highly I think of Lisa, but I’ll leave it with something Tom Toole said when we were discussing this post: 

As fierce as she is as a business owner and leader, she gives back to the industry tremendously. She’ll help anyone. Lisa is always an open book and doesn’t hold back on the strategies and tools that have led her to such massive success. 

Lisa is a respected leader in the industry because she has done the work to accomplish things no one else has done before, and she’s willing to share it all with others to help them with their own successes. And that combo—experience and a desire to help others—is what makes her a perfect fit for a BAM Creator.