Today, August 9th, will go down in the history books… WHY!?

Because today, it is with my great pleasure and honor, to announce Krys Benyamein as our newest BAM Creator!


Krys is one of the most versatile real estate agents and content creators in the game. As I write this, it’s actually hard to even describe him because he is so many things. He’s a lawyer, a successful Realtor, a content machine, a speaker, and now a new father! 

Oh, and the guy literally climbed Mt. Everest.

Krys the Creator

I met Krys at a Tom Ferry conference a couple of years back and immediately knew I was talking to someone who operates differently. It wasn’t your standard conference talk about, “Where are you staying, what are you doing tonight, what market are you in? I’m hungover.” It was very intentional and meaningful.

This translates to his content. You can tell that every Instagram post has an enormous amount of thought and production value behind it. When you see a Krys Benyamein post, you watch it because you know the quality is going to be top-notch and you never know what you’re going to get. Is it a new listing? A donut review? Is he going to be strapped to a balloon talking about mortgages? Is it a social media tip? Is he going to pop up out under a public bathroom to tell us about interest rates?

These aren’t jokes, by the way, these are all real videos. Krys has solidified himself as one of the GOATS of the “visual hook,” capturing people’s attention the second the video starts. Then, he gives you something worth watching. 

I always preach the importance of a variety of content and Krys has the perfect mix of local content, global content, content for agents, content for clients, and both serious and funny. 

So, that’s Krys the content creator. 

Krys the Person

I got more familiar with Krys the person when I heard him speak at last year’s Tom Ferry Success Summit and I think it was the most memorable speech at the conference. He talked about he climbed MT. EVEREST and related his experience to overcoming your own thoughts and problems as a Realtor. It wasn’t one of these sob stories or faux motivation talks where you think, “Ok, great but this could never be me.” The message was simple and very relatable: “Fuck your mood.” 

As Realtors, content creators, and humans, we must do what is best for clients or coworkers or family. Our mood should not matter. You need to do whatever it takes to get the job done.

I took this to heart and think about this concept often. When I am overwhelmed or emotional, I try to remember that the person on the other end of this business relationship does not give a shit. They have their own problems. It’s my job to keep moving. 

When I talked to Krys after his speech he mentioned the hours of practice he put into the speech, the coaching, and the anxiety he went through leading up to it. But, he knocked it out of the park and is now speaking across the country including at BAM CAMP.

These are the types of people we want to work with. 

So what will Krys do here at BAM?

As I was fawning over Krys earlier in this blog, I forgot to mention that he might be the best Green Screener on the planet. 

So, he will be producing consistent clips Green Screening BAM articles, he will be a regular on blogs, webinars, podcasts, and anything we can include him in.

I can’t wait to start working with Krys and to see his continuous, positive impact on the real estate world.