The Tom Ferry Success Summit is less than three weeks away. If you already have tickets, get ready to experience three days of high energy while you learn everything you need to succeed in real estate. 

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What to Expect

Taking place August 22-24 in Dallas, Texas, the Success Summit offers the chance to learn from industry experts about the most important tools, mindset hacks, systems, processes, marketing strategies, and more. In other words, all the things real estate agents need to know to thrive in the industry.

At this year’s event, you’ll learn from Keynote Speaker Shawn Achor, New York Times bestselling author of The Happiness Advantage and Big Potential. Also taking the stage will be some of the biggest names in the industry, including:

  • Tom Ferry
  • Jason Pantana
  • Jimmy Mackin
  • Jeff Mays
  • Jen Dillard
  • Treasure Davis
  • Ben Lalez
  • Sandra Hendrix
  • Dwayne Pano
  • Maureen Folan
  • Levi Rodgers
  • Marc Davison
  • Steve Harney
  • and more!

How to Prepare

To make the most of the Success Summit, here are our top tips for the event:

1 – Mix in a Water

It can be easy to end up on a 3-day bender at the Summit with the number of cocktail hours, drinks at dinner, and the Texas heat, so drinking water throughout the day will help you tremendously.  

Once you get off the plane or arrive at the hotel, pick up a case of water from a grocery store or grab a few extra bottles from the lobby and keep them cool in your hotel room. 

2 – Dress accordingly 

Tom Ferry sessions always have the AC on high to keep everyone awake and aware. Bring a light jacket or wear a long sleeve shirt because it will be tough to take good notes when you are shaking from frostbite. 

3 – Don’t procrastinate 

Agents should immediately take action on implementing strategies, which starts with getting up front and in the action. Be sure to arrive early each day to get a good seat. 

4 – Make Connections 

So many of the best content creators and real estate agents in the business are attending this year’s Summit. If you don’t leave after three days with more contacts in your phone then when you first came, you did something wrong and wasted your time. Introduce yourself, ask questions, and make connections. 


You already know what to do. For the second year, BAM is hosting the BAM Bash to wrap up Day 1 of the Tom Ferry Summit! There is limited space for the event, so sign up and show up early!

Save the date: 

BAM Bash 

August 22, 2023, from 6:00 to 9:00 PM 
19th Floor Rooftop, Statler Hotel 
Want to attend the BAM Bash? Let us know here.

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