There’s a new Instagram metric—and it’s the only one that I care about. 

I used to be really focused on watch time and shares, but you may have noticed Instagram has taken away some of those analytics. Now, IG is showing us how many new followers we get from each and every post.

Why New Follower Metrics Matter

In my opinion, one of the biggest analytics we need to focus on is how many new followers we’re gaining from each post. 

While engagement and reach remain important, the ability to track how many viewers convert into followers is invaluable. After all, isn’t the ultimate goal of any social media strategy to expand our reach and influence?

Revisiting Content Strategy

For many of us, the question then becomes: how do we leverage this new insight to our advantage?

I’m not asking you to reinvent the wheel. By analyzing the types of posts that have historically attracted new followers, you can identify what has helped you increase your audience.

Was it visually striking imagery in static posts, thought-provoking captions filled with information, or maybe entertaining Reels? 

Whatever it is, keep going. All you need to do is recreate that type of content. And keep monitoring your results, so you can refine your content strategy based on emerging trends and audience feedback.