“Social media isn’t real. Here’s what I struggle with…”

Have you seen this type of post on social? It’s a trend that’s going around where creators share a list of things they are currently “struggling” with in a video or Carousel post. I have seen it on repeat lately and I kind of hate it. Here’s why: 

Everyone has struggles (obviously), yet there are plenty of ways to speak to those vulnerabilities without discounting social media as fake. Social should be very real. Sure, the aesthetic is spruced up, but I don’t see anything wrong with having an elevated presentation online if that’s how you show up to an appointment. 

Now listen—I am fully aware there are many super-fake people on social media sharing tips on topics they have zero expertise (or even experience) in, along with people who are out there highlighting local businesses where they have never spent a dollar. This is not for those people; those people need to pull the plug on their social media strategy because I can almost guarantee it is not working. 

But for us regulars—marketing-savvy agents who are building an audience to serve—how do we show up as our authentic selves on social media? We do it by staying true to our brand and consistently tailoring our content to highlight our core brand elements. 

Today, we are jumping into how to consistently keep it real by tapping into the simple and efficient content matrix strategy utilized by the king of brand himself, Ryan Serhant.  

Ryan Serhant’s Content Matrix

I recently read Brand It Like Serhant (highly recommend) and the way he articulated the concept of a content matrix for building out a social media content calendar was immaculate. 

So, what is a content matrix? It’s a simple grid focused on two things—what our content has to offer an audience and what aspects of our personality we want to highlight to our audience, (which Ryan calls characters). By sticking to this matrix, he keeps his content fresh, fun, interesting, and always on brand.

The content matrix has three offering categories. For Ryan, he serves his audience posts that do the following:

  1. Entertain
  2. Educate
  3. Encourage 

Those offerings should be served through the lens of one of his three character categories. Ryan’s characters include:

  1. “Real Estate Ryan” 
  2. “Entrepreneur and Tech CEO Ryan” 
  3. “Luxury Lifestyle and Family Man Ryan”

Here is a blank slate for visual support and to kick-start your creativity:

Ryan Serhant content matrix

How to Fill in the Content Matrix

Now that you see the framework for building the matrix, let’s get to the real secret sauce: filling in the boxes. Here are a few examples of what Ryan Serhant’s content matrix looks like.

For “Real Estate Ryan,” he can do the following:

  • Entertain with content around property tours
  • Educate with a market update 
  • Encourage with a story of a transformative work experience

Here is an example of “Real Estate Ryan” revealing a stunning new development project. In this post, he entertains us with the visuals of this trophy project, educates us by sharing insider information on what this site will include, and encourages us by sharing an intimate story related to this project. 

For “Entrepreneur and Tech CEO Ryan,” he can:

  • Entertain with a day in the life post
  • Educate by sharing experiences building up his empire
  • Encourage with mindset tips for success

Here is an example piece where “Entrepreneur and Tech CEO Ryan” encourages us with wise words to not let our confidence overshadow our competence. The immense credibility and authority from his position hammers this in as solid advice, and it is safe to assume he is on the receiving end of countless people posturing to try and impress him. 

For “Luxury Lifestyle and Family Man Ryan,” some options include: 

  • Entertain by sharing a new luxury timepiece
  • Educate with tips to achieve work/life balance
  • Encourage by sharing family moments

In this example, “Luxury Lifestyle and Family Man Ryan” hits on both entertaining and encouraging us as he takes us behind the scenes at what appears to be one of the most unique, ultra-luxe weddings where he spends time with multiple high net worth individuals. He is clearly exuding the luxury lifestyle while adding moments with his wife and a sweet comment about scoring gifts for their daughter. 

Your Turn

Now it’s your turn to leverage the power of the content matrix. By adhering to a strategy that intertwines authenticity with your professional brand, you can transform your social media presence from generic to profoundly impactful. Whether you’re a seasoned real estate veteran or a new agent, the content matrix is a blueprint for crafting messages that resonate. 

Show up as the real you, consistently.  The key to success on social media lies not in portraying an idealized version of yourself, but in being genuinely and compellingly real. So take a page from Ryan Serhant’s playbook, and start filling your matrix today.