Sharing day-in-the-life content gives you the opportunity to showcase your personality and provide insight into your daily routine—which serves as social proof of the value you bring to your clients. 

I recently shared a video capturing a typical day in my life, and today, I’m excited to dissect the script to inspire all of you!

It starts with a Hook

“I was humbled this morning, and not by my dog who only loves me because I make him scrambled eggs every day, but actually I was humbled by my age today.”

We all know how crucial a good hook is. It’s what grabs our viewers’ attention and keeps them watching the video until the end.

I chose to include my dog, Saint, because people adore animals, and this reflects my everyday morning routine of making him scrambled eggs. The hook immediately grabs your attention by stating, “I was humbled this morning,” sparking curiosity about what exactly led to that feeling.

Adding your personality to your message

“31 is feeling a little rough, ya’ll. I’ve been slanging real estate for the last 8 years, and today really took a toll on me.”

When we add in personality, it helps us stand out and connect with our audience on a deeper level. 

Trust me, I understand the temptation to be a perfect Realtor Robot, but when we inject a bit of personality, that’s when we truly become memorable!

Incorporating “ya’ll” and “slanging” adds a personal touch, while highlighting the number of years in business showcases experience and expertise.

Social Proof #1

“I started my morning showing this super cute mid-century modern in Falls Church, but it was a little small for my client so we passed on it.”

I always believe that the most impactful day-in-the-life videos feature three to five social proof clips demonstrating expertise in the field. This showcases me actively showing properties and my specialization in highlighting specific areas, like mid-century modern homes in Falls Church. If someone is in my area and has a love for mid-century architecture, they now know that I can help them find that style of home.

Local Spotlight

“I had time in between my next showing so I tried a new coffee shop called Rare Bird, and I got a butterscotch latte and it was a solid 6/10.”

By sharing my honest rating, I’m not just a real estate professional—I’m also serious about coffee and not afraid to express my opinion. It’s essential to show authenticity, even when it comes to something as seemingly trivial as a latte. I want people to think of me as their girl for a go-to coffee, and someone they can rely on for recommendations, whether it’s for a solid 10/10 latte or help with their dream home.

Social Proof #2

“Then I drove to one of my listings to let an agent in to show it to his clients. Then I stalked them in the parking lot.”

I am again reminding the viewers that I am busy selling real estate, with an added touch of humor.

Local Expert

“Then I drove to Sterling to start another round of six showings. This is one of my favorite neighborhoods in Sterling, the houses legit look like gingerbread houses.”

Highlighting my understanding of the areas I sell in, like Sterling, and expressing my love for its gingerbread house-like homes not only establishes my credibility but also builds trust.

Letting people in

“While I was walking out of that house, my husband sent me this super cute video of our Rottie Saint at the dog park, and OMG, I just can’t even. Don’t tell my husband but I literally love Saint more than him.”

Sharing glimpses of our personal lives, including our home life, is crucial. People are naturally nosey, and they want to connect with real humans who have families, interests, hobbies, etc.

Social Proof #3

“Then it was showings on showings on showings.”

The third social proof clip is another reminder of my dedication to selling real estate. It also reinforces the message that I’m actively engaged in meeting the needs of my clients.

Bring the Drama

“Now I’ve seen a lot of houses in my career, but today I saw one of the worst homes I’ve ever seen. I wish I had a video of the creepy torture chamber shed in the backyard because my client and I were convinced that people were murdered back there. It was so bad that I couldn’t even stay there to grab a clip of it.”

Incorporating a touch of drama into day-in-the-life videos can captivate viewers. People are drawn to stories, similar to the appeal of reality TV. By weaving in stories, we keep our audience engaged.

Humor and a Surprise

“I ended the day with one more house, and of course, I was starving. I’m super strict about my diet so everything I eat is a mix of 70% protein and 20% veggies. Just kidding I ate a cookie.”

Incorporating humor and an unexpected twist is key! I wanted to poke fun at the trend of influencers flaunting their super strict diets by pretending to go along with it, only to reveal that I’m just like everyone else enjoying carbs.

End with a Call to Action

“Comment below and let me know what you all did today!” 

Ending with a call to action is crucial—it guides our viewers on what to do next. By encouraging engagement, like commenting, we are signaling to the algorithm that this is a valuable video worth watching.