Partnerships can make or break a business. For Anna Oliver and Matt Lionetti, who joined forces just over a year ago, collaboration has been the key to achieving remarkable results for their clients. 

This real estate duo leverages their unique talents to create a powerhouse team. “We excel at different things and create a very full package for our clients,” Lionetti said. “I think having this partnership really keeps it fun, and extremely effective.”

Effective indeed. Oliver’s client care and mastery of the deal, combined with Lionetti’s cinematic videos, have resulted in numerous deals and record-breaking sales. 

Benni’s Ripple Effect

Oliver and Lionetti are known for their marketing videos—each one treated as a commercial tailored to the specific property. But the Benni video was a pivotal moment for the duo. 

In case you haven’t seen it, the video features the house (Benni) as the main character, which takes viewers down memory lane as it prepares to say goodbye to its owners. 

Not only did Benni receive overflowing praise from industry professionals, but it also made a difference during the sale of the property. Oliver recounted how the video created an emotional attachment for the buyers, a young couple starting their family. “Right before their second showing, I showed them the video, and it really brought the heart of Benni to them,” she told BAM. 

The video resonated so deeply that the buyers wrote the sellers a love letter, referring to the house as Benni, which helped seal the deal.

The impact of the creative video, which was written and directed by Lionetti and shot by Mitch Feinstein, extends beyond individual sales. In fact, the sellers of one of their most recent listings, 65 Whitburn, were past clients of Oliver’s and had put a lot of work into their property. When the time came to sell, they had no doubt they would work with Oliver again—they had seen the Benni video and were convinced that Oliver and Lionetti could tell their home’s story just as effectively. This ripple effect showcases the power of their unique marketing strategies. 

And, as it turns out, the sellers of 65 Whitburn weren’t wrong. Lionetti wrote another video that captured the hearts of many:

Now, on to those record-breaking sales.

Record Breaking Results

The property at 65 Whitburn sold for $2.5 million in just 15 hours—breaking records for the sales price on that street by hundreds of thousands of dollars. Similarly, Benni sold for $4.4 million in four days, which was about $600,000 over a comparable home. 

Of course, cinematic marketing videos alone are not the full story. The duo thinks outside the box during every aspect of the listing process. “It’s a perfect combination of both our talents and our strengths,” Oliver said.

For example, the owners at 65 Whitburn had put a lot of love and improvement into the home, making it difficult to find an accurate comparable to help price the property. So, Oliver and Lionetti decided to try a different strategy during a broker’s open before the listing went live. 

“We were very strategic in asking each agent what they thought about the home, and what they thought it should be priced at,” Lionetti explained. “This enabled us to really hone in and nail our price to hit the market with. Price is everything, and I think that detail is something to not go unnoticed.”

While many agents would shy away from bringing in the competition to ask about pricing, Oliver and Lionetti leave their egos at the door to do what is best for the deal. 

“It’s been just over a year now that Matt and I have partnered up,” Oliver said. “The results that we’re seeing—we’re bringing something different and creative, and nothing’s cookie cutter. So we’re really showing the clients, both the sellers and the buyers, that there’s a lot that goes into the property to market it. And time and time again, we’re able to show the results if we’re given the creative license to run with it.”