This week on The Real Word, Byron Lazine and Nicole White start with a viral Tweet on a prefab tiny house being sold by Home Depot for $44K. With 540 square feet, this one-bedroom is designed for “easy assembly on your own concrete slab.” 

Byron asks the question many are wondering, “Is this a viable solution for affordable housing?” And the discussion naturally leads to the next topic: the hidden costs of homeownership—which most first-time buyers don’t know about.

For topic #3, they react to a Walk Thru clip on what agents will do (and have done) to keep a deal together. Because, as Ryan Serhant puts it, “Your number one job is not to get fired.” 

Stay to the end to hear Byron describe what one successful agent does to keep a deal from falling apart at the negotiating table—no matter how emotional it gets.

Click on any of the timestamps below to watch: 

00:0000:33 Intro

00:33 Topic #1: Home Depot offering a tiny home for $44K

04:38 “Is this a viable solution for affordable homes?”

09:53 Topic #2: Hidden costs of homeownership (BAM)

18:11 Topic #3: Reactions to a Walk Thru clip on keeping deals together

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