If you met a prospect face to face but didn’t follow up for a year and a half, would you reach out?

What if you couldn’t decipher your meeting notes—or even recall their name?

What if it was just a few days before Christmas?

Most agents, when faced with the above scenario, would laugh and say, “No way,” without a second thought. 

But that could end up being a massive mistake. 

Data reveals that families come together during this season, reflecting on the past year and planning for the future. It’s an ideal time for people to make decisions about real estate needs, making it the perfect occasion to revive dormant leads that have been unresponsive throughout the year.

A Forgotten Lead

An inspiring Happy Grasshopper case study shows exactly why you should work to reactivate old leads over the next few weeks. The agent in this scenario had a very small database of fewer than 50 people. After a light-hearted suggestion to “shake out her purse” for more leads, she stumbled upon a crumpled piece of paper with notes from a chance Starbucks encounter. It was from 18 months prior. 

Despite the time lapse—not to mention the challenge of reading her own handwriting—the agent decided to take a chance. She followed up with a simple message. 

The result? 

A seller contract was signed less than 24 hours later, turning a forgotten lead into a holiday listing. 

So, what type of messaging can lead to those results? Read on for three scripts you can use this holiday season.

The Power of Timely Messaging: 3 Scripts to Reactivate Leads

When aiming to reactivate old leads, your messages during this time of year don’t have to be overly festive—nor do they have to be full-out sales pitches. Instead, a short, genuine touchpoint can go a long way. 

Script 1: Simple Yet Effective

If you, like the agent mentioned above, can’t even remember the name of a lead, starting out with a simple message is key. Consider something like this:

“As we’re coming to the end of the year, I wanted to touch base about your real estate plans. When are you available to chat?”

This concise message can be delivered via text, email, or even a ringless voicemail. Close it with warm holiday wishes, recognizing that this season is when people are likely to be together, discussing plans for the upcoming year. 

Script 2: Capitalize on Market Opportunities

Agents are all saying the same thing: “It’s the slow time of year!” But we all know that the market never really stops. With a message like the one below, you can remind prospects of opportunities available during the winter months. 

“The market is moving full-steam ahead, and some amazing opportunities are now available. If you’ve been thinking about pursuing a real estate goal, now may be the time to act. Let me know if you are interested in an overview of the current market trends and how to best position yourself. Looking forward to hearing from you!”

Script 3: The Zombie Message – Revive Dormant Leads

And finally, a script to use with all the old leads who never once responded to you throughout the year. Remind these prospects that you are available to discuss their needs all year long. 

“How are you? You contacted me about your real estate transaction, but we didn’t get a chance to connect. Are you still thinking about buying or selling? I’m here to help if you need me. Feel free to email me or give me a call on my cell.”

The Ideal Time for Lead Revitalization

Despite the common belief that December is a slow month for real estate, top agents know it’s the perfect time to reinvigorate old leads. By leveraging the holiday spirit and tapping into the collective reflection happening during this time, you can turn seemingly dead leads into active opportunities.

Embrace the power of timely, genuine communication this holiday season with the scripts above. You might just unwrap unexpected listings and kick off the new year with a thriving real estate portfolio.