This is the easiest time in human history to send a message. The challenge is to send an email or text that actually gets opened by the recipient. 

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) reports that, on average, there are 30 leads for every real estate closing that takes place. Prospective buyers and sellers have numerous real estate agents reaching out to them regularly—most often with the same automated drip campaign. In order to stand out, you must offer your clients the information they need while simultaneously showing you genuinely care about the relationship you have with them. 

My team and I study billions of data points on communication in the real estate industry—and we’ve found that when it comes to open rates, there are only three things that really matter. (And no, using the perfect number of emojis isn’t one of them.)

Based on our analytics, when you use these three strategies, you can see open rates increase to 80%. 

#1—Strengthen the Relationship

The most significant factor influencing whether your emails get opened is the strength of the relationship between the sender (you) and the recipient (your client or lead). 

Think about your own inbox. If the sender is a close friend or a respected colleague, you’re likely to open the email no matter what the subject line is. If it’s a name you don’t recognize, however, there’s a good possibility it will remain unopened or get deleted. 

In an era where personalization matters more than ever, your clients value the connection they have with their real estate agent. In other words, spend time deepening your relationship with your entire database—from past clients to fresh leads. Because the more they recognize and trust the sender, the more apt they are to open new messages.

Here are some strategies to strengthen those connections:

  • Regularly check in with past clients to show you care about their ongoing real estate needs.
  • Remember important milestones, such as anniversaries, birthdays, or home-buying anniversaries, and send personalized messages or greetings.
  • Provide personalized insights about the local real estate market or neighborhood developments that may interest them.

#2—Craft Content for the Moment

Another way to boost email open rates is by creating messages that are relevant for this moment in time. Evergreen content will only get you so far—staying up-to-date and creating content that reflects current market trends is vital. 

Here’s how you can ensure your content remains relevant:

  • Stay informed about the latest real estate trends, local market conditions, and newsworthy events.
  • Tailor your emails to address specific concerns or opportunities your clients might face right now. For example, provide insights on the impact of mortgage rates on the local housing market.
  • Highlight your expertise by offering unique perspectives and true stories regarding the current market, positioning yourself as a knowledgeable and trustworthy agent.

#3—Ask Questions to Engage Your Sphere

The third strategy for getting your emails opened is to include a short, engaging question in the subject line. This approach is particularly effective when communicating with people within your sphere—those you have established relationships with. When you combine the two, you can reach open rates of up to 80%

By posing a question, you create a sense of curiosity and encourage them to open your email. Here’s how you can put this strategy to work:

  • Use subject lines that invite recipients to engage. For instance, “Did you see this, [Name]?” or “Have you considered selling your home this year?”
  • Craft the body of your email to provide valuable information or insights related to the question you posed in the subject line.
  • Encourage responses by showing genuine interest in your clients’ opinions and needs.

There are countless tips and tricks floating around about email marketing, it’s essential to focus on what truly matters. Based on data collected from billions of interactions, the above three elements significantly impact email open rates. 

By focusing on these factors, you can ensure your emails not only get opened but also lead to stronger client-agent relationships and, ultimately, success in the real estate industry.