Every new agent wants to grow their business as quickly as possible.

But it’s easy to get stuck without a budget for marketing or leads. 

That’s where a bit of sweat equity comes in. And one of the best forms of sweat equity in real estate is door knocking. 

Most agents are too scared to step foot on a stranger’s front porch. But with the right strategies, you can build confidence in door knocking—while generating your own leads. 

Door Knocking 101

In Door Knocking 101, James Harris, David Parnes and Byron Lazine dive into tips and scripts for door knocking. 

After reading this free guide, you’ll know… 

  • How to set yourself up for success when door knocking
  • A simple 5-step door knocking strategy to use for any scenario
  • The number one thing to ask for when door knocking
  • How to find your pitch
  • Four scripts, each for a different scenario
  • BONUS: Objection handling with James Harris and David Parnes

The sooner you know all this, the sooner you can get out there and start having conversations in your market. 

Download your free copy and start knocking this week!