This week, marketing expert and best-selling author Chris Smith posed a simple question on Instagram

It didn’t take long for the post to rack up some comments from agents about power dynamics between sellers and agents.

For many agents, treating a seller as a boss might feel counterintuitive to their mission to be their own boss and make their own schedule. While some agents seemingly have some trouble swallowing their pride, others are all in on being at a seller’s beck and call. 

Unsurprisingly, most agents fell somewhere in the middle and agreed that the best seller/agent relationships are all about teamwork. Here’s a rundown of what agents think:

I’m The Boss

Some agents have no problem saying, “I’m the expert!”

I Work For Them

Some people kept it short and sweet…

As long as they get their checks, these agents are happy to be temporary employees.

A Partnership

For most agents, the agreed-upon dynamic is that of a partnership or team. As an agent, staying level-headed and respectful is important, which these agents all understand.

Even Chris Smith chimed back in after reading the comments:

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