Want to learn a script that could make those follow-up phone calls a lot more rewarding? 

After all, if you’re talking to potential clients who’ve been sitting on the fence for the past 6–12 months, there’s a good chance many of them are surrounded by people telling them to just wait a little longer. They don’t know what you know.  

And with the right script, your phone call could give them just what they need to take action. 

In last week’s Knowledge Brokers Podcast, hosts Byron Lazine and Tom Toole worked on a nurture script to present to homeowners—specifically those who would be able to buy their next home in cash if they sold their home today. 

Byron presented the script for the two to discuss and refine during the episode. Click here to watch the full conversation. 

Opening with a fact and a question

The script begins with an opening designed to call the buyer’s attention to the reality we’re facing in today’s market: mortgage rates will most likely remain higher for longer.

“Hey, [Buyer’s Name], this is [Your Name] with [Your Brokerage]. Hey, really quick—just thought I’d bring you up to speed on this. Higher mortgage rates are here to stay for longer. I know you were looking a year ago when they were a little bit lower, and maybe you were hoping they would drop lower. But where the market is today, we’re likely headed towards 8%. 

Right now, by the way, cash offers are up over 10% just in the last quarter. So, if you sold your house, could you buy the next one in cash?”

If you get a ‘yes’ from the buyer, carry on with the rest of the script. 

“Perfect! Here’s why now would be the best time to start on that plan. And this is what our best clients are experiencing. Number one, real estate is cyclical, and we’re coming into a winter market, where we always have the lowest price opportunities…” 

Right off the bat, you’re giving the buyer a sense of FOMO—not to manipulate them but to make them aware of a real opportunity that exists and that you don’t want them to miss out on. This is a shared FOMO. You’re in the business of improving lives, and if the buyer is in a position to take advantage of a real, life-improving opportunity, you want that for them. 

A chance to win

The next part emphasizes something Tom called out in Byron’s script: the importance to the buyer of winning the home they truly want. Because few things are as frustrating as making an offer on a home you’re genuinely excited about only to lose it to another buyer.

“Number two, with 8% mortgages being the reality for longer, we’re going to have fewer buyers competing. And your cash offer gives you a clear advantage to win the home you want like no other time since 2020.”

This subtle reminder is particularly effective when the buyer has made at least one offer on a home they wanted—but lost it to another buyer. They probably remember just how disappointed they felt. And they don’t want to feel that again.

You’re presenting an opportunity for them to position themselves as the leading buyer, simply because they can offer what the seller wants—in cash. And that, in turn, makes it easier for the seller to turn around and do the same thing when purchasing their next home.

Ask, don’t tell

While rates will eventually come down, their doing so presents another challenge—and the end of the opportunity your buyer has right now. 

One of the notes Tom took down while Byron was running through the script was the fact that he asked the buyer whether they thought competition would increase or decrease when rates went down. He didn’t just tell them what he knew to be true. 

“At some point, rates will come down, [Name]… I don’t know when, but I know historically that they do… Would you imagine, [Name], that there will be more or less buyers competing when rates do go to 6% or even 5%?” 

With that, you give the buyer a chance to reason, out loud, that more buyers will enter the market when rates go down. When monthly payments become more affordable, buyers who don’t have the option of paying in cash will return to the market because the cost of financing a home they want is back within their reach. 

Get the buyer invested in the thought process, and they’re more likely to act on it. 

Affirmation and moving forward

Once you know the buyer fully understands that competition will increase when rates go down, and that the best opportunity to get the home they want for less money is now, you can then affirm their answer and add that, logically, because of the increase in competition, prices will go up, especially since inventory is still historically low. 

So, the buyer would pay more if they waited for rates to go down. 

If they’re able to buy now—in cash—they benefit from a limited-time opportunity that will potentially save them thousands of dollars on the purchase of the home they want. 

“So, why don’t we get this plan started now, so you can take advantage of the winter opportunity?” 

FOMO is powerful. Encourage the buyer to think, “If I don’t take advantage of this opportunity now… I may miss out and end up spending a lot more when I do buy a home.” 

If you’re reaching out to people you haven’t talked to in 6–12 months, they might just be sitting on the sidelines, not taking action on their searches because they haven’t been informed that the rates are going to be higher for longer. And for the folks that are buying in cash—that aren’t impacted by this—they can get a real win out of this market.

Byron Lazine