The holidays are coming up, which means most of your clients and prospects have ghosted you—or they told you they just want to hold off until the new year. But, that doesn’t mean you should leave them alone. Because the second you do, they will write an offer with the listing agent and tell you they forgot you existed despite working with them for years. 

That’s why it’s still important to stay top of feed, top of mind.

So that’s why I’m going to give you eight content ideas to post around Thanksgiving.

#1—No Generic Turkey Posts

Let’s start by talking about something you should not post. On Thanksgiving, do NOT, I repeat do NOT post a generic Holiday graphic with some RE/MAX branded turkey that says, “Happy Thanksgiving.” 

In fact, never post these graphics. They perform terribly every single time no matter what the holiday is because nobody needs to see that on their feed and everyone already knows it’s Thanksgiving. You’re better off not posting than posting this.

#2—I’m Thankful For…

Post what you’re thankful for. Do a Reel or slideshow post on Instagram listing what you’re thankful for in life or in the real estate industry. Maybe it’s your clients, vendors, title reps, the marketing department at your brokerage, your team, or even your spouse that puts up with the fact that you work weekends. Sentimental thankful posts always play.

#3—Market Data

Explain what the real estate market is like on Thanksgiving since everyone is going to ask you anyway. Make some joke about how everyone at the dinner table is going to ask if the market is going to crash, and then go into the stats of your local market and tell them why it isn’t. Talk about inventory levels and days on market and how they differ from this year to last. 

If you’re with family you can even use one of them as the hook in a skit: Hey Eric, do you think the housing market is going to crash? Then roll your eyes and go into your spiel.  

#4—Holiday Home Buying

Talk about what it’s like looking for houses around the holidays. Why should you look right now? Less buyer competition, more negotiating power, etc.

#5—DM Your Clients

Send voice message DMs to your clients telling them you’re thankful for them. This is less intrusive than a text, and it feels personal. Also, if you send it to your clients over Instagram and they respond, that DM conversation juices your algorithm so it will have a positive impact on your feed posts. Personal messages and voice memos have a far greater impact than copy-pasted text.

#6—Favorite Foods

Rank your favorite Thanksgiving foods. This has nothing to do with real estate, and that’s fine. But I guarantee that if you start a video saying, “These are my top three favorite foods on Thanksgiving,” people will watch because everyone loves to debate, see, and consume content about food. Make sure you ask people in your caption what their favorites are to get a debate going. 

#7—Highlight Your Listings

If you have any listings that have epic dining rooms for hosting a Thanksgiving feast, definitely highlight those.

#8—A Peek Into Your Life

Don’t post anything about real estate. The holidays are a great time to show your friends, family, and traditions. Document your Thanksgiving experience with your family in IG stories or honestly just stay off social completely. 

There you have it, 8 content ideas for Thanksgiving. If I had to pick my favorites, I’d go with the personal voice messages, Thankful posts, food rankings, or posting your family. 

Have a great Thanksgiving, and I am truly thankful for all of you who watch this content and who support this brand. To show you how thankful I am, use code Thankful, on our platform, BAMx, and it will give you a whopping 10% off through black Friday.