You might cringe at the thought of cold calling and circle dialing, but let’s face it: a stagnant business is far worse than making some phone calls. 

Whether you are a younger agent like me or a seasoned agent, the only things that truly matter in this shifting market are having conversations, setting appointments, and signing contracts. 

While collecting leads through referrals, social media, and Zillow is valuable, there is something to be said about agents who are willing to pick up the phone, smile, and dial. Many people in my personal sphere do not yet own a home. So, where does a 23-year-old real estate agent find qualified homeowners to talk to? 

My solution: Circle dialing.

I’ve discovered the undeniable effectiveness of circle dialing in not just meeting but exceeding my daily conversation goals. Mastering the key points of each script and consistent practice is the key to setting the appointment. 

I have refined and adjusted these scripts over the past year using a combination of inspiration from Tom Ferry, Tina Caul, Ricky Carruth, and adding my own Katie Kenny flair. 

Where can you find the contact information of these homeowners? 

Quick note of caution: steer clear of the Do Not Call list!

Script #1: Open House Circle Dial

“Hi is this __? 

“Hi ___, This is Katie Kenny with REAL Broker. How’s it going today? 

“The reason for my call is that we just listed your neighbor’s home at 123 Main Street, and there is going to be an open house there on Saturday and Sunday. I wanted to give you the heads up in case there is a lot of foot traffic or cars. Will you be in the area this weekend? 

If “Yes”: 

“I would love for you to come by and check it out. While I’m in the area for the open house, and I really don’t mind, would you be interested in me dropping off a home equity report for your home?

(They might say no, or they might ask what that is.)

“What I like to offer clients and their neighbors is what I call a home equity update. It’s just a check in on the value of your home. Would that be something you’re interested in? 

“I’ll be in the neighborhood on Saturday and Sunday all day. Would Saturday morning around 11 am work or maybe Sunday after 4 pm?”

If “No”: 

“Do you know anyone that is interested in moving to the neighborhood? Can I send over some information on the home in case you think of anyone?”

Script #2: “I Have a Buyer” Circle Dial

“Hi is this ____? Hi ____, this is Katie Kenny and I’m a Realtor in the area. 

“The reason for my call is that I’m working with a family who is looking to buy a home in your neighborhood, and I was wondering, who do you know in your neighborhood who’s been thinking about selling?”

They will probably say “No one,” so repeat and affirm. 

“Not a problem. Would you mind if I told you a little bit about my client? And if you think of anyone while you’re hearing this, maybe you’d be willing to share that with me. 

“My clients have three kids and two dogs, and they currently live within the school district. They’re in a ranch right now that they’ve outgrown, which is why we’re looking for a two-story with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and they’d love a basement but it’s not a deal breaker.”


“You know, I appreciate you letting me share that with you. Did anybody pop into mind that you were thinking about?”

Repeat and affirm whatever they say. 

“Not a problem. Let me ask you, does your house kind of fit what they are looking for?”

Repeat and affirm. 

“Have you thought about selling in general? Have you kept up with the real estate market?”

If the answer is “No”:

“No worries. Can I keep you updated on what’s happening in our market, our community, on interest rates, or the changes in inventory or home values?”

You pick the topic—whatever you feel is right for the person you’re talking to. You’re asking if you can send them something; the goal is to get their email.

“Great, what’s the best email to send that over to? 

“If you think of anybody who might consider selling their home to my clients, I’ll send you a text after we get off the phone here. I’d love to be a resource for them.”

Script #3: “Just Sold” Circle Dial

“Hi, is this ___? Hi ___, this is Katie Kenny with REAL Broker. How’s it going today? 

“We just sold a home over on Main Street, and as a neighbor, I wanted you to be one of the first to know. Did you hear how much it sold for?”

They’ll probably say no. 

“It sold for $___. What do you think of that?”

Repeat and affirm. 

“Well congratulations, because when one home sells for that much over asking price, it brings up the value of all the homes around it. 

With the crazy market that we’re in, I’m curious… have you had any thoughts of selling?” 

If they answer, “No”: 

“Really? How long have you lived in the area?

If they answer “Yes,” repeat and affirm. 

“What has you thinking of moving?”

(1) “Are you planning on staying local or are you thinking of moving out of the area?”

Repeat and affirm. 

(2) “In terms of time frame, how soon are you thinking of moving?”

Repeat and affirm. 

(3) “Have you had a professional come out and walk you through the process of what selling your home looks like in the current market?

“Well with that being the case, can I make a suggestion? It sounds like you’re considering getting the house on the market so you can make the move to ____. At the same time, we’re not exactly sure yet what that timeline looks like for ____.”

Repeat their why for moving.

“How about this, and I don’t mind, what I can do is pop by for 15-20 minutes this week and we can strategize on how you can get top dollar for your home and get to [location] with the least amount of inconvenience to you. Will you be around Friday afternoon around 4 pm or Saturday morning around 10 am? 

“I’ll pencil it in my calendar and reach out to you on Friday to confirm.” 

As with any script, the more you practice, and the more calls you make, the more comfortable you will be having conversations. And that will lead to more appointments, more opportunities to educate, and more closings.