So here you are. Sitting in an empty house, waiting for frustrated buyers and nosey neighbors to show up. 

Maybe you’re hungover. Maybe no one comes until the last half hour. Maybe you can’t get rid of that last lingering fool who’s already told you everything they hate about the house. 

Not to worry! We’re right here with ya! Here are our favorite memes of the week to get you through your open houses this weekend.

#1— Random Realizations

Are you staying out or Ubering to your listing from the club?

#2— Delusional Sellers

Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt personally victimized by your seller’s expectations!

#3— Top Producing Agent

Whatever you say, bro.

#4 — Appraiser Slander

Did you get a chance to watch the BAM agents vs. appraisers debate?

#5— Unreasonable Expectations

RIP to the agents out there with overzealous buyers.