Problem: 2023 was a down year for real estate, and the industry itself is going through it.

A lot of agents are feeling the squeeze right now, but the good news is that you can still turn things around without spending a dime. Here are five free things you can do right now to turn the tide for yourself.

Show Up

Most of us have a physical office available, yet most of us are hardly in there. I am the same. But this is a mistake—there’s always something at home or on the go that is waiting to distract us.

By showing up at the office recently I have: 

  • Increased my calls
  • Connected with my amazing stager
  • Been asked to co-list a luxury property
  • Grabbed some juicy social media content from an office meeting. 

Challenge: Show up to the office at least 6 hours a day every day for one week. Remember to track your results!


What? You might be thinking that this seems like a weak strategy.

Serving others isn’t just about being altruistic; it benefits your business in several ways. It fulfills your social responsibility, takes the focus off YOU for a little while, expands your network, and gives you a deeper sense of connection to your community

Challenge: Look for opportunities to serve within your neighborhood. Mow a lawn, shovel a driveway, or volunteer your time. Every act of service strengthens your connections and gets your name out there.

Sort Your Database

Your database is the lifeblood of your business, yet it’s often a mess. Take a moment to sift through the chaos and identify your top 10%. These are the folks who’ve referred you business, past clients you’d work with again, and those who just give you warm fuzzies. Make them a priority in your outreach efforts and watch your business thrive.

Challenge: Next time you decide you’re going to reach out to your people, start with this list.

Make The Easy Calls

You knew calls would be on this list. The closer you get to someone, the stronger the relationship. While in-person interactions are ideal, phone calls (or even video chats) are a fantastic way to connect and build rapport. Fortunately, some calls are easier to make than others. Start with these, whether it’s reaching out to familiar and approachable contacts or individuals you have news to share with.

Challenge: Make these easy five calls and experience the power of personal connection.

Create More Content Than You Consume

In a world drowning in content, quality reigns supreme. So, take a look at your consumption data from last week and commit to spending at least that much time creating content this week. 

Challenge: Batch content creation. Brainstorm 12-15 prompts addressing common problems and questions your audience faces. Then, record yourself addressing these prompts. This creates weeks of valuable content in a single session.

Remember, consistency is key. Implement these strategies regularly, and your real estate business can flourish even in challenging times!