When Anna Oliver and Matt Lionetti first saw 104 Fallingbrook Road, they knew they needed a marketing strategy as unique as the property. 

After all, it isn’t just another luxury listing; it’s an embodiment of architectural artistry and timeless elegance. As Anna puts it, “104 Fallingbrook Road is a home that captures the hearts of many.”

While the real estate duo has made their share of creative and memorable listing videos, they start with a blank slate for each new listing. And this one called for something different. 

Magazine-worthy Photographs

Enlisting the help of celebrity photographers Matt Barnes and Nikki Ross, Anna and Matt created magazine-worthy photographs highlighting some of the best features of the home. The result is a stunning visual narrative that may as well grace the pages of Architectural Digest

We are always looking for a unique approach. How can we turn heads? What can we do that is going to stop someone from the fast-paced world, and scrolling on social media? This architectural shoot by Matt Barnes and Nikki Ross was the perfect answer. Especially with me being very video-heavy, we figured it could be a nice curve ball in my Feed to make people stop and see what’s going on.

Matt Lionetti

A Glimpse into Opulence

Knowing this property has piqued the curiosity of many throughout the years, Anna and Matt let the photographs do most of the talking. 

I’ve had so many calls from people saying, “That’s my favorite home,” or “I’ve always had a soft spot for that house.” They’re genuinely curious to see what it looks like inside and let me tell you, it doesn’t disappoint. When people step foot into the home their eyes light up. They’re in awe of the quality, the thoughtfully designed floor plan, and the unique character it exudes.

Anna Oliver

The photographs reveal a taste of what it might be like to live in the home, without giving too much away. In each image, viewers get a glimpse of what Anna describes as a “distinct architectural flair that reminds you of the laid-back vibes of the West Coast.”


In the world of luxury real estate, where every property is a masterpiece in its own right, it can be a challenge to make a listing stand out. Anna and Matt’s decision to stray from video and invest in an architectural photo shoot is a testament to their creativity and skill. This approach not only draws attention to their client’s listing but also to the talent of photographers Matt Barnes and Nikki Ross.

Because when it comes to presenting luxury homes, it’s not just about selling a property; it’s about crafting an experience, capturing the essence of a lifestyle, and inspiring others to dream big.