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July kills me. My kids are 3, 5 and 7, and I choose not to send them to any camps this month. I so look forward to our extra time, all the mom-life stuff, and sneaking away for a few days of vacation. But it’s not like I can just take off—we all know that’s not how building a strong real estate business goes. 

I am so grateful that operating a real estate business gives me the freedom and flexibility to prioritize my time in this way, and I am sure I am not the only mom here who agrees. I’m also sure I am not the only mom here who is struggling and probably feeling like a failure because it’s nearly impossible to do it all. So, I am here to tell you that you are not alone. And today I’m sharing the tactics that I have conquered over the past few summers as I’ve tried, failed, learned, and tried again to hold true to my priorities while having the ability to not lose the momentum in my business.

I have three non-negotiable time blocks that allow my days in this season of life to just work. The truth is, that in between these time blocks, it is messy (and I am tired). But my family is happy, I am doing what I believe in and the momentum I have been working so hard on in my business is maintained. So here they are:

Daily task list

Every day, I time block for essential, non-client-facing tasks. These are the marketing and operational tasks that keep my business running and me up to speed on our industry. 

I check my emails and my local hot sheet, read an industry news article, and listen to something educational. I prepare my social media content and distribution, update my Google Business Profile, send outgoing marketing emails, and prepare for any client meetings I may have that day. 

For me, this time block is the bulk of my morning routine. It takes about two hours, and it’s complete before anyone else in my house gets up.


Every day, I have a call list of people I know I need to talk to that day and a plan for prospecting new people. I plan and know what time of day I will have an opportunity to get time alone, so I  make it happen. 

It usually takes me about an hour to meet my daily goal of 15 real estate conversations, five of which are new connections. 

Track & Measure

Every night, I dedicate a 15-minute time block to track and measure my conversations and appointments, organize important notes from the day, and create the call list for the following day. Tracking and measuring my key metrics has improved my business in every single way. If you are reading this and you do not track and measure, check out how Tom Toole breaks it down here

That’s it, those are my three. The three that keep me moving forward amidst whatever is in front of me. Outside of these three non-negotiable time blocks when I have a listing opportunity, an unplanned showing request, or literally any client-facing activity that was not organized in advance, I use every “I’ll figure it out” muscle in my body and make it work. 

Like I said earlier, the days get messy. But I promise you, the days will be far messier and the business far more fleeting if you tackle this season of parenting without a game plan. It’s hard, but we will see the finish line before our mama hearts want to admit—and I just know this hard is worth it.