You’ve heard me preaching the importance of growing your email list for months, but what comes next once you’ve built it? And what about nurturing your relationships with past clients and your existing database? 

Instead of resorting to templated emails about interest rates or spring cleaning, focus on crafting emails that spark genuine engagement and elicit a response from your database. Today, I’m excited to share three email ideas that you can send to your database right away!

#1—Gratitude email

I drew inspo from Molly Rodham‘s client email, where she expressed gratitude and offered a free Starbucks drink to her clients as a token of appreciation. As agents, our priority should always be to provide value to our clients and make them feel special. 

Subject line: Thank you for being part of my world 🌎

Email body:

2024 is the year of expressing gratitude. We wanted to remind you how grateful we are for you. Over the last 9 years, we’ve helped over 400 people buy and sell and we’re truly thankful for each person who’s trusted in us to help. We have the best clients, and real estate has brought so many amazing people into our lives. I just wanted to send a quick note to express our gratitude for letting us be a part of your journey.

Enjoy a coffee on us tomorrow morning <3

**Scan this code at your local Starbucks at the checkout window.

#2—Hot takes

Hot takes keep your emails spicy! They spark curiosity and encourage readers to take action, whether it’s clicking through to learn more or hitting reply to share their thoughts. 

Below are a couple of “Hot Take” emails you can take inspo from. 

Subject line: Hot take: Why Waiting for Lower Interest Rates Could Cost You Your Dream Home 

Email Body:

Let’s talk about interest rates. Yeah, I know, not the most thrilling topic, but stick with me because this could be the difference between snagging your dream home or watching it slip away.

You see, there’s this misconception floating around that waiting for interest rates to drop lower is the smart move. Sure, it sounds tempting to hold out for those rock-bottom rates, but here’s the kicker: they might not drop as low as you hope, and even if they do, it could end up costing you more in the long run.

Think about it like this: while you’re waiting for rates to dip, the housing market is moving right along. Prices are fluctuating, competition is heating up, and that dream home of yours might just get snatched up by someone else who’s ready to pounce.

In 1971, rates were 7.33%. You would have had to wait until 1993 for rates to come down. That’s 22 years of waiting for the “right time.” Meanwhile, real estate values quadrupled during that time. 

Even if interest rates do drop a smidge, the savings might not be as significant as you think. In the grand scheme of things, a slight decrease in interest rates might not offset the potential increase in home prices that could happen while you’re waiting on the sidelines.

So what’s the takeaway here? Don’t let the allure of lower interest rates hold you back from making your move. Instead, focus on what matters most: finding the home for you that fits your lifestyle. 

For my next hot take, I took inspiration from Coffee & Contracts‘ Instagram page. Check out the post here:

Subject line: Hot take: Renting is not throwing money away

Email body: 

It’s a myth that renting is equivalent to tossing cash into a void.

Renting offers flexibility, freedom from maintenance costs, and the opportunity to live in desirable locations. 

Instead of viewing it as wasted money, see it as paying for your lifestyle and financial flexibility.

The value comes from understanding what suits your current life phase best.

Remember that I’m here to support you wherever you’re at in your housing journey!

#3—Deal of the week

This email strategy might sound a little unconventional, but Sharran Srivatsaa, President of Real, swears by it. He sends out a “Deal of the Week” email once a week, always on the same day and time. 

This email is pure text—no addresses, no links, no pictures. This is genius because it creates FOMO and insane curiosity. By providing just enough information, it incentivizes a response and forces a reply. 

In your “Deal of the Week” email, aim to include two bullet points about the house, two bullet points about nearby amenities, and two bullet points sharing your personal reasons for loving the home.

Subject line: [Your City] Deal of the Week 

Email Body: 

This week’s deal of the week is a cottage in Arlington, VA that will go fast. 

    • 2 bed
    • 2 bath 
    • Right by Carson Elementary
    • Right by Alcova Park 
    • Huge Backyard
    • ADU on the property 

Price: $1.4 million 

If you’re interested, just reply and I’ll get you all the details.

If you want to learn more about Sharran’s “Deal of the Week” email, you can listen here. 

These three email templates offer valuable strategies for engaging with your database effectively. Whether it’s expressing gratitude, sharing hot takes to spark curiosity, or offering exclusive deals, these approaches can help nurture relationships and drive meaningful interactions with your audience.