December is officially upon us. If you’re looking at the calendar and thinking, “I’ve got how many days to buy all my gifts?” it’s also time to think about subject lines for the emails you’ll be sending your database over the next few weeks. 

You know as well as we do…they go quickly

Last year’s BAM article with 21 email subject lines was one of the most popular of the season. We recommend checking that out first. But we thought we’d add a few more to help you get an impressive open rate during the end-of-2023 holiday season. 

Because even though the people in your database are all adults, there’s still a kid inside each and every one of them thinking, “Whadja get me?” when the holiday season rolls around. 

They probably won’t admit it. They might not even be conscious of it. But it’s true. 

So, while this may not apply to everyone on your gift list, give your database something they’re likely to find useful. But don’t forget the fun factor. 

Email subject lines for everyone in your local market

  1. Is this the last December in your current home? Here are X ways to multitask with your holiday decorating this year (number X is my favorite).
  2. My X favorite things about celebrating <holiday> in <city name> (number X is something few people even know about)
  3. Our holiday starts now. You’ll never guess what we got for you! 
  4. Want a surprise delivered to your door on Christmas Eve? (Hint: It’s delicious!) — ***One idea for this is to ask the recipient to scan a QR code taking them to your Instagram post or to a sign-up form. Gift cards are also an option (and are allergen-free).
  5. # Hacks for making the holiday season way less stressful (number X changed my life!)
  6. Can we send you something you’ll love for the coming year?
  7. Let’s make a trade! Got a new or gently-used winter coat you’re not using? We’ll trade you for a ____ (if someone in your community is hosting a coat drive). 
  8. Trimming your holiday spending this year? Here’s the BEST guide to jaw-dropping holiday bargains in <city> 
  9. # Things <your company> is doing this holiday season to show our appreciation for YOU!

Email Subject Lines that Share Predictions

We all know predictions are big this time of year. Use that last one to add some value to those interested in the market. With predictions already released from Zillow,, Redfin, and Ryan Serhant, there are plenty of charts and attention-grabbing forecasts to share!

  1. Here’s what [economist] has to say about the 2024 housing market
  2. 2024 predictions are in! Here’s the good news for buyers…
  3. Here’s why I disagree with [economist] about the 2024 market
  4. Will this bold prediction hold up in 2024?
  5. National housing market predictions all expect THIS to happen in 2024
  6. Predictions are in! (No, it’s not a crash)

Email subject lines for buyers

  1. X Things you need to know about home shopping in <your area> this December
  2. Will 2024 be the year?
  3. New year, new home?

Email subject lines for sellers

  1. Selling this season? Here’s everything you need to know…
  2. # Ways to make your home smell like money this winter
  3. Plan now to beat the spring competition

Email subject lines for your listings

  1. Let someone else shovel the driveway this winter… 
  2. This home theater is perfect for Christmas movie binge-watching! 
  3. Plenty of room for hiding Christmas gifts in this new home!

Other email subject lines

  1. Have your favorite cozy drink on us! 
  2. You say, “Pie”; we say, “What kind?”
  3. Treat yourself! We teamed up with local businesses to bring you this free coupon book (Hint: the one on page 3 will have you grabbing your coat!) 

Personalized emails

People in your database are far more likely to open an email if they can see right away that it’s meant just for them

Think one-to-one personalized videos to give homeowners and buyers in your database the latest information they’re likely to find useful and interesting.