It’s that time of year. 

We’re about to enter the vortex that takes place between the final days of December and January 2nd. 

You want to stay connected to everyone in your database, but sending the generic “Happy Holidays” digital postcard isn’t going to cut it. 

Luckily, Chris Smith shared a Tweet with seven email subject lines that real estate agents can use during the holiday season. 

We added a few more to the list to give you some inspiration, whether you’re planning emails for the end of December or the beginning of January. Take a look and use as needed!

Email Subject Lines for everyone in Your Local Market

1. 🎅Best places to see Christmas lights in [CITY NAME] before it’s too late

2. 👀 Have you seen our holiday gift guide? (Bonus points for including local businesses!)

3. Gift ideas for all 8 nights inside 🕎

4. Hosting this holiday season? ➡️ 5 Holiday Decor Tips

5. Spread some cheer with us! (Include local volunteer happenings, toy collections or food drives).

6. Year in Review: How [CITY NAME] fared in the 2022 real estate market

7. Here’s how YOU made our year great

Email Subject Lines for Buyers

8. ✏️Tips for searching for a home during the holidays

9. Did you get what you were looking for? 

10. New year, new plan?

11. Is this the year?

Email Subject Lines for Sellers

12. Tips for selling your home during winter ❄️

13. 5️⃣ways to keep your home show-ready over the holidays

14. ⏰Tick tock. (Beat the spring market!)

15. Here’s what your neighbors’ 🏠 sold for in December

Email Subject Lines for Your Listings

16. 🎅Santa loves this chimney!

17. Your wish list is about to grow…

18. 🎄Imagine the Christmas tree in this house!

19. You can get the first look in 2023 👀

Other Email Subject lines

20. 🏠New year, new house? (Send to your entire database to find out if they are thinking of moving in the new year.)

21. 🎁We got you a gift! (Send to past clients or people who sent you a referral—with a gift card attached in the email.)

Personalized Emails

Nothing beats a personalized message during the holidays. If you aren’t sending out cards or making calls, consider a personalized email. Type out a message, or send a quick video to show your appreciation and thanks during the holiday season!