Zillow Gone Wild is about to reach a new level of fame. 

HGTV’s newest real estate show will be called—you guessed it—Zillow Gone Wild, and is set to premiere in early 2024. 

The social media page, which was started by Samir Mezrahi in 2021, has 1.8 million followers on Instagram alone. Over the past two years, it has had numerous viral moments, as it shares some of the most outlandish properties in the world. From design fails to incredible architecture to hard-to-believe homeowner quirks (like a potato shed), Zillow Gone Wild showcases it all:

Keep reading for what you can expect from the show—along with three things real estate agents might actually learn from watching it.

Zillow Gone Wild, TV Edition

The Zillow Gone Wild series will consist of eight half-hour episodes and a one-hour season finale. Each episode will revolve around three wild homes for sale, showcasing each property’s unique history—along with the quirky people who own them. The finale, of course, will feature the most over-the-top property. 

Millions of people are obsessed with scrolling through outrageous and over-the-top properties on social media while dreaming about where they would like to live. Zillow Gone Wild will take the fascination a step further by giving fans a cheeky glimpse inside the most unusual homes on the market, offering those unexpected ‘wow’ moments that will keep viewers coming back for more.

Loren Ruch

Head of content, HGTV

Will Real Estate Agents Get Anything Out of this Show?

Maybe. Along with seeing the properties and learning about them from the homeowners, the show will include “fun and inventive ways to market a unique property,” according to HGTV’s announcement

And, sure, you may not have any properties worthy of Zillow Gone Wild on your roster, but you may pick up some creative marketing approaches that you can apply to any listing. (Feel free to use this as an excuse to binge-watch the show). 

We’ll be watching for the following:

  1. Innovative Marketing Ideas: Whether it’s using engaging storytelling, creating viral-worthy content, or employing out-of-the-box marketing tactics, the show could provide agents with fresh ideas to make their listings stand out.
  2. Understanding Buyer Preferences: With some properties, it’s hard to imagine an avatar buyer. Along with showcasing the homeowners selling each property, the show also promises to give backstories of the potential buyers—something agents can use to tune into the desires and preferences of target audiences.
  3. Engaging with Quirky Sellers: Every agent has dealt with their fair share of *unique* individuals. Agents could pick up tips on effective communication and negotiation in unusual situations. 

Like all “reality” real estate shows, we’re guessing Zillow Gone Wild will be mostly for entertainment. But, it could also offer a few tips and tricks for real estate agents looking to stay competitive in 2024. 

We’ll just have to wait and see if it lives up to the hype.