It’s been a long year filled with terrible real estate pictures. We’ve compiled some of the worst ones we’ve seen in 2023, straight from the MLS. 

#1—Small Water Issue

Playing it as it lies.

#2—Dead Raccoon

Still in shock that they just left it there. 

#3—Sex dungeon

Crazy that this didn’t make the list of standout search terms for 2023.

#4—Only in Florida 

Cozy little bunker.

#5—Hoarder Room

My most shocking finds were a crackpipe, an IHOP menu, several sex toys, a propane torch, an Instantpot, and an empty trashcan. Head to the comments to share yours 👇

#6—Landlord special

At least he went out dancin’.

#7—Crazy decor 

Still just so confused about how this made it onto the MLS. 

Do you have terrible real estate pics you’d like to share? DM @badrealestatepics.