Welcome to this week’s selection of bad real estate pics, straight from Instagram.

#1 — Fridge Backsplash

From the looks of it, this backsplash could’ve been nice in any other part of the kitchen. Is there some Pinterest trend I’m missing? Just feels like a gross misuse of the interior design budget.

#2 — Pancake House

It’s just so…flat. If you can forgive the outside, strap in for the interior. I just can’t understand people who opt for these color schemes. Nothing against blues and greens, but this much? Unforgivable.

#3 — Maximalism

Can we all agree to just leave the decorating to the professionals? I don’t hate a lot of the elements used here, but whoever’s behind this monstrosity just overdid it. 

#4 —You Never Know What’s Going On Inside…

Just proof that there should be stricter rules about who’s allowed to call themselves an artist. I can’t imagine the time and money it’s going to take to make this house look like a sane person lives in it. I guess using caulk and styrofoam for art gets props for creativity, but that kitchen is past saving.

#5 — The Ultimate Throne

I feel like using this toilet would make me feel really important. While there’s definitely some structural issue at play here that caused the layout here, the two tiers just look so…stupid.

#6 — “Minimalist” Bathroom

Zero boundaries with this one. Our favorite comment: “Maybe…. You aren’t ready for true minimalism”

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