Welcome to this week’s selection of bad real estate pics straight from Instagram. #5 made me queasy…

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#1— Bra House

I can’t imagine the atrocities that went on in this place. Why are the bras hung like that?

#2—Barbie Dream House

I feel entirely overstimulated looking at these photos. You truly never know what’s going on inside a home. Feeling catfished. 

#3—Perplexed in Plaid

Awful wallpaper aside, the layout of this bathroom is horrendous…

#4—Laundry Co.

I can’t believe so many Disney adults own homes and I don’t. Appliance signage that gives directions for use should be illegal.

#5— Bathroom Hell

Not only is the design unforgivable, but the mystery liquids here are throwing me off.

#6— Keeping Score

Drop a comment of the possible things this person is keeping count of, aside from the obvious. 

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