This week on the Knowledge Brokers Podcast, Byron Lazine, Tom Toole, and Lisa Chinatti start the conversation with housing inventory, which is still near record lows

From there, they turn to confusing headlines used by the mainstream media and how it impacts consumers, as well as any agents who aren’t doing their homework and using reliable sources. 

Then the conversation turns to the spring housing market and whether it will be prolonged this year (or delayed), which segues to homeowners feeling the lock-in effect and recent stats on seller expectations. 

Next, they discuss the weirdness in the housing market, followed by what knowledge brokers do to prepare for an appointment, Gen Z homebuyers, and the misleading headlines about the FHFA changes affecting homebuyers with lower credit scores. 

Stay to the end to learn which publications cleared the air about what the “new federal mortgage fee” really is and whom it will affect the most

Click on any of the timestamps below to watch: 

00:0001:29 Intro

01:29 Inventory is still near record lows

03:01 MSM headlines can be very confusing

06:30 A delayed—or prolonged—spring market

09:25 Homeowners are feeling the lock-in effect

13:02 Stats on seller expectations

19:27 Things are getting weird in the housing market

21:54 What knowledge brokers do to prepare for appointments

24:54 There’s nothing better than negotiating from the listing agent’s position

27:49 As a listing agent, do you always tell buyer agents that you have an offer?

29:29 100% of the time, it’s worth writing up the offer.  

36:43 Culture shock for Gen Z homebuyers

39:03 FHFA changes and misleading (politicized) headlines

46:06 This is why the knowledge broker does not get their info from politicized MSM

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