This week on the Knowledge Brokers Podcast, Tom Toole is still on vacation, so Byron Lazine and Lisa Chinatti kicked off the conversation with the topic of inventory, which is now in the negative year over year, what they’re seeing in their markets, and what they expect in the coming weeks. 

Next up was the 30-year-fixed which hit the high mark for 2023 yesterday, what knowledge brokers should be doing and telling their clients and community in this environment, and what risks agents should be willing to take. 

Among the possible solutions they considered were some old school agent marketing tactics that deserve more attention than they’ve gotten in recent years. Both encourage agents to leverage the platforms they use to start more conversations in their local communities. 

Speaking of platforms, Byron and Lisa weighed in on Instagram’s new text-conversation app, Threads, and its meteoric rise to popularity. Byron’s seeing more industry-type people than consumers on the app, so far, but he encouraged agents to get familiar with the new app and its features.

In the meantime, agents who are killing it are, invariably, the ones making a high volume of phone calls and following up consistently with their clients and prospects. That much hasn’t changed and isn’t likely to. 

Click on any of the timestamps below to watch: 

00:0001:15 Intro

01:15 Inventory is negative year over year

05:24 People underestimate how hard it is to be a landlord (advice for agents) 

10:35 The 30-yr fixed just hit the high mark for 2023 yesterday 

13:10 What should knowledge brokers be doing in this environment? 

14:36 What kinds of risks should agents be taking? 

15:55 Threads: the new IG app 

18:38 Old school marketing tactics (and why they still work) 

22:42 Using platforms with a local audience to start conversations in your community 

24:22 The agents that are really successful have a high volume of calls (conversations) 

25:46 Jobs reports, the next FOMC meeting, and how the economy is reacting

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