You may have seen my recent day-in-the-life Reel, where I shared that I spent $425 on a single open house. 

Currently, that Reel has over 150 comments, 286 shares, and 316 saves. Today, I want to showcase some key points from the video, as well as share the strategy behind my open house.

Strategic Thumbnail

For the thumbnail, I used a branding photo of myself alongside big yellow block letters that said 

“A $425 open house? 😱” 

This language was intentional to immediately capture viewer curiosity. I wanted them to wonder why I’d spend such a large amount of money on a single open house. The 😱  emoji also evokes curiosity because naturally, you want to know if my $425 investment paid off or not.

Behind the scenes

“I started my morning cutting out 40 door hangers for the neighborhood.” 

I designed a door hanger using Canva, then had FedEx print them on card stock for me. Since I procrastinated, I had to individually cut out each door hanger. However, VistaPrint offers a more cost-effective option where you can print them cheaper and get them pre-cut.

Want the template I used? Get it here

Personal fact and joke

“Yes, I do have a cursive L tattooed behind my right ear. Yes, that was a dumb 22-year-old mistake. And yes my under-eye bags are aggressive this morning.” 

I like to keep things light and funny because so many agents are creating content like this. I never want to give off the impression that my life is flawless or that I’ve got it all figured out. People connect with personalities, not perfection, which is why I made sure to inject some humor into this reel. I even threw in a joke about my regrettable 22-year-old tattoo and those aggressive under-eye bags. 

Showing you go above and beyond

“But these door hangers turned out super cute. I wanted to personally invite all of the neighbors to my open house, and I knew they would want to come if I had sweet treats for them.” 

In my video, I wanted to highlight that I went the extra mile by door-knocking the entire street. I believe potential sellers watching would appreciate an agent who goes above and beyond, taking the time to personally connect with neighbors right at their doorstep.

Kona Ice truck

“I rented a Kona Ice truck, and door knocked the entire street to invite everyone! It was a huge hit!”

I wanted to make this open house feel like a small event, so I decided to rent a Kona Ice truck. I paid for 50 cups for one hour, which totaled $250. My goal was to gather all the neighborhood kids in the driveway of the listing to create a sense of community and showcase it to potential buyers as they walked through. 

Show the System

“Now in order for someone to get Kona Ice, I created these QR codes that took people directly to my Instagram, where they had to DM me the word Kona. On the backend, I had a ManyChat set up to send them property details.”

In addition to the fun Kona Ice truck, I wanted to demonstrate my strategic approach to systems and processes behind the scenes. While Kona Ice added a special touch, I also made sure to capture the information of everyone who enjoyed the treats, showcasing my marketing brain and attention to detail to potential clients watching.

Going Big

“I also ordered a massive open house sign from Card My Yard which was a huge hit. You literally cannot miss this sign when you’re driving on this street, and I had several people tell me that they stopped in because they saw the sign.”

I ordered a large sign to ensure the open house couldn’t be missed while driving down the street. I wanted to maximize foot traffic and drive as many potential buyers through the property as possible. 

I ordered the massive open house sign through a local sign company called Card My Yard, which cost $100. They handle everything from placing the sign to picking it up the next day. If Card My Yard isn’t available in your area, you could also order the letters from this Etsy shop

The cost breakdown

“We had such a great turnout, and these little touches really make your open house truly special. The Kona Ice truck was $250, the sign was $100, and the door knockers were $75. So the total for this open house was $425—but well worth the money to make it truly special!”

I broke down the costs to show fellow agents that this kind of marketing is within reach. The Kona Ice truck rental was $250 for 50 cups, the large open house sign from Card My Yard was $100, and the door hanger printing and cutting cost around $75. 

End with a CTA

“Hope you all had an awesome Saturday, comment below and let me know what you all did today!”

Ending with a call to action is crucial—it guides our viewers on what to do next. By encouraging engagement, like commenting, we are signaling to the algorithm that this is a valuable video worth watching.

These thoughtful details truly set you apart in a sea of agents, something sellers prioritize when selecting an agent. A neighbor stopped by the open house after receiving the door hanger I left, impressed by the effort I put in. As a result, I secured a listing appointment with him this week! It’s a reminder that while investing money upfront can be scary, the returns often far exceed the initial cost.