Maybe you really want to elevate your skills on Canva, but you’re looking at your busy schedule and thinking, “When am I gonna do that?” 

The good news? I’ve got you covered. 

Here are five Canva hacks for real estate agents. 

#1—Customizing a portrait-sized Instagram post

An Instagram post is 1080 by 1350 (pixels). To customize it, go to “File” and select “Show rulers and guides.” Then drag the guide down the ruler to 135 at the top and 1215 at the bottom. 

This square will show you where the template will cut off and what you’ll see in the Instagram Feed.

#2—Add any of your other designs to your template

Click “Projects” to drag in any of your other designs into the design that you’re working on. This can be a design of any size. 

So, for example, you could drag an email newsletter into the Instagram post you’re working on and use any of the elements from this. 

#3—Find and replace text

Hit Command-F to quickly find and replace text. You can also match the casing so that it will change the casing as well (Example: Find → FIND). 

#4—Apply a new template style

Go to the “design” panel to check out some Canva templates and find one with a style, colors, and fonts you really like. You can click the three dots in the top right and hit “Apply style only,” and it will apply that style to your template. 

#5—Slide some text between image layers

Here’s another great hack for giving your IG image posts a three-dimensional look. 

Step 1: Add the photo you want to use and right-click to duplicate it. Drag it on top of the other photo and click “Edit photo.” 

Step 2: Use the background remover to remove the background on the top photo. You can crop that first photo down so that you can grab the back photo and reduce the transparency (this helps you see the text better). 

Step 3: Drag both images and make them the size of the background. 

Step 4: Add your text, adjust it how you like, and then position it behind the first (top) image but in front of the back image, and this will give it that 3D effect. 

Don’t be afraid to customize C&C templates!

Finally, if you’re a Coffee & Contracts member, don’t forget to add your personal touch to the templates we provide. We won’t be even the tiniest bit offended if you change fonts and colors and repurpose the content to match your branding. In fact, we encourage it. 

Nothing makes us happier (or prouder of our C&C members) than when we see you using our templates in a way that works for you and your business. 

Check out some examples of agents using our content in exactly the way we hope you will to get RESULTS on Instagram. 

Even if you’re on the fence about becoming a Coffee & Contracts member, I’m always sharing marketing hacks on the C&C Instagram for busy real estate agents like you. 

Need more than that? Check out my new course on BAMx: “Mastering Canva Design for Real Estate Marketing.”