Have you ever considered how colors make you feel a certain way? 

Think of your favorite brands and how the brand colors might influence how you feel about them. Maybe you’re thinking, “C’mon, Krys, a brand’s colors don’t tell me anything about the quality of their product or service. So, why does this even matter?” 

Great question! Read on to see why it pays to be careful about the colors you choose for your real estate business

Think of McDonalds, with their signature yellow and red—or Starbucks with their green and black. Those choices were no accident. 

In fact, color psychology has proven colors can provoke certain feelings and can even get the consumer to take action. 

This applies to you, with not only your business’s branding but also the content you’re generating. 

For example, psychologists have established that yellow creates energy and excitement, while red grabs attention. Red has also been known to enhance your appetite, hence the reason a lot of people use this color in their dining rooms. 

Other color associations: 

  • Black is known for being simple and formal
  • Green is known to inspire action
  • Blue creates trust
  • Pink expresses love

The moral of the story is the colors you choose in your marketing matter. They can actually make a significant difference in how many people stop scrolling to take a closer look at one of your posts—or to watch your video instead of the ones before and after it. 

Those extra views, likes, shares, and comments can then make a real difference in how many conversations you have with potential clients. 

Your choice of colors might seem like such a small detail, but it’s got huge potential. 

So, choose wisely and be purposeful.