If there’s anything we’ve learned about social media over the past year, it’s that every platform is vulnerable. 

From Instagram glitches to a potential TikTok ban, we’re reminded that relying too heavily on one platform is a recipe for disaster.

No Social Media Platform is Safe

Vine may feel like a fever dream from forever ago. However, it was an initially successful video-sharing platform that provided us with entertaining videos still quoted today. Unfortunately, when Vine failed due to not supporting its creators, many people who had gained fame on the platform disappeared into obscurity. 

More recently, a bill to ban TikTok was introduced by a small bipartisan group of lawmakers. We don’t know whether or not the bill will pass, but the potential is making those with large followings pretty nervous.

In addition, Twitter has been in the headlines almost daily since Elon Musk’s takeover, and companies and individuals alike are unsure what direction it will take.

We’ve also seen Instagram experience some pretty intense glitches over the last few months as Meta works to make updates to make the platform more enticing for users. Many agents are most loyal to Instagram when it comes to consistency, so outages like the one on Halloween are pretty spooky. 

Add to all the platform problems the fact that your account could get duplicated—or worse, deleted—at any moment, and it seems like a never-ending attack on all the time and effort you spend on content creation. 

So, how do you attract a following that no one can delete on a whim? Read on for some of the best ways to combat the vulnerability of social media.

6 Marketing Strategies for Agents

We’re not saying to stop creating content for social media. If anything, you should make more content, as many agents know it can be an incredible lead generation and referral source. But it is crucial to diversify your marketing efforts. 

Here are six ways to step up your marketing and lead generation game:

1. Spread your content across all social media platforms. There are six major platforms that real estate agents should have a presence on. But that doesn’t mean you have to create new content for each. Use The Broke Agent’s guide to distribute short-form content across all platforms.

2. Build your email list. An email list is something nobody can take away from you. And consumers actually prefer email marketing to marketing on social media—which is why email converts at a higher level than any social media platform. If you can earn access to someone’s email inbox, they’re more likely to engage with your content.  Start growing your list by following these tips.

3. Attract more listings. It doesn’t always have to be about digital marketing. Proving your expertise and skills goes a long way when you want to attract clients. Use Robert Mack’s strategy to build a case study that will get sellers calling you

4. Sweat equity marketing. Have a limited budget for marketing? No problem. There are numerous ways to make yourself known in your community, all while having real estate conversations. Use these sweat equity strategies to connect with more people. 

5. Follow up. Nothing beats personalized marketing. And when you make a habit of following up consistently, you create that feeling of personalized service. Use Tom Toole’s six ways to follow up to mix things up.

6. Stay up to date and test out new content. When it comes to social media and marketing strategies, it pays to know what’s working, what’s a waste of time, and what converts leads into clients. Test out your content with Gary Vaynerchuk’s winning strategy, and stay up to date with all the latest platform changes with BAM.

Marketing and lead generation will be more important than ever in 2023. Are you doing everything you can to become known as the local real estate expert?