Krys Benyamein posted a Reel with a brilliant hook anyone can use to emphasize home features buyers go nuts over. 

“3 Things I Love About This Kitchen in Under 47 Seconds”

Of course, you could substitute another room, a different number of favorite things, and a different number of seconds. It’s flexible that way (within reason). 

But you get the idea. Don’t get too crazy with it. “20 Things I Love About This Linen Closet” might be a hard sell. But Krys knows what buyers in his market like—and what he likes—-and the way he shifts his tone and presentation style for each feature holds your attention til the last second. 

X things I love about ____ in less than ___ seconds

That’s the recipe:

  • A specific (and small) number of things you not only like but LOVE about something 
  • A something that’s likely to interest your target audience 
  • And a set time limit, letting your audience know you respect their time

Krys keeps it to five things, focuses on a room most buyers are keenly interested in (the kitchen), and sets a time limit of 47 seconds. Then he delivers with time to spare. 

Now, if you’re up for a challenge, come up with five variations on this for your own home feature showcase video (or videos). 

It doesn’t even have to be a client’s home. If you know an agent who’s selling a home with drool-worthy features, ask if you can create a video highlighting your favorites for a specific room. It’s extra marketing for them and their client, and it gets more eyes on your brand. 

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