People love a “hidden gem”—as Orlando real estate agent Ken Pozek clearly knows. 

Even better than a hidden gem is something that doesn’t even cross the minds of most people. Especially when that “something” can make a huge difference in how much you enjoy your hometown. 

Therein lies the recipe for a strong video hook, as Ken demonstrated in a recent IG Reel:

“One of the things you might not think about when moving to [City Name] or living here…” 

Instagram users watching this Reel, especially those interested in Orlando, want to know what is the thing most people don’t know about this city?

Because it must be good—or why make a Reel about it?

Why does this hook work so well?

As you no doubt picked up on right away, the FOMO is strong with this one. 

Even if Orlando isn’t on your shortlist of places you’d love to move to (or visit), Ken’s opening sentence gets you wondering, “What is it most people don’t think about when they’re moving to Orlando that this guy thinks is important enough to make a video about?

If you’re already curious about Orlando, the pull is even stronger. Because what does this guy know about Orlando that you don’t (yet)? 

Suddenly, it’s a “must know.” So, you stick around and pay close attention. 

Ken also shows images of the places he’s talking about to captivate the eyes as well as the ears of his audience. He also talks about how he and his kids enjoy visiting and revisiting these sites:

  • The Dr. Phillips Performing Arts Center & Steinmetz Hall
  • The Creative City Arts Project
  • The Orlando Museum of Art

These are not see-it-all-in-one-go tourist magnets but permanent fixtures with a variety of exhibits and cultural events that make this city’s evolving art scene a regular draw for those who make Orlando their home. 

And he’s probably right that most people don’t think about Orlando’s art scene when they’re thinking of moving there. But now he’s got you thinking about it, right? 

Here’s how Ken ends the Reel, with his company logo visible in the bottom half, all in white: 

“Looking to buy or sell a house in Orlando? We’d love to be your real estate resource of choice. DM us to get started.”

Variations on this hook to try with your own IG posts

These don’t all have to be Reels, either. Try any of these with the first slide of a carousel post to get people clicking on that arrow before they even know what they’re doing. 

  • “X things I wish I’d known about [City Name] before I moved here.” 
  • “X things most people don’t know about [City Name] that made me want to move here.”
  • “The #1 reason I moved to [City Name] — vs the #1 reason I stayed.”

You can probably think of others that relate to your city of choice. Think about what you love about the place, what you don’t love about it, why you (still) live there, and what people should know about it that could make all the difference in how badly they’ll want to move there (or look somewhere else). 

Ultimately, you want anyone moving to your city and buying a home there to be glad they did. So, think about why you love living there—as well as anything newcomers should know before they commit to a home purchase.

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