Matt Lionetti and Anna Oliver have done it again. 

With a captivating narrative, some trendjacking, and a bit of humor, they’ve created a buzz around their latest listing. 

And this time, they’ve created double the fun. 

Two Separate Videos

As an unstoppable duo who co-lists luxury properties, Matt and Anna are continuously upping their creative game. So when it came time to create a video for their latest listing, they once again broke the mold. 

First, Matt kicked off the excitement by unveiling his video, which was intentionally released two days before the start of the U.S. Open:

But they didn’t stop there. The very next day, Anna kept the momentum going with her version: 

Instead of playing roles opposite each other, they enlisted Video Mrket to create two distinct videos where the true star is the property itself, with Matt and Anna taking on supporting roles. 

The theory behind this approach lies in understanding the preferences of their respective audiences. Matt’s followers want to see him in action, while Anna’s prefer her presence. (And anyone who follows both gets double the content!)  Plus, the decision takes into account the limitations that sometimes occur when collaborating on a single video, as Instagram’s algorithms always seem to be changing. 

Why it works

The two videos are nearly identical, which immediately helps to create a distinctive brand identity for the listing. The consistency in visual style, presentation and messaging solidifies a recognizable and memorable image in the minds of viewers—reinforcing that this property is worthy of attention.  

But the similarity of the two videos is just one of the things working in their favor. 

Both promote the listing with a narrative that trendjacks the PGA tour, with the videos circulating the week of the U.S. Open. By leveraging the popularity of the tournament, they’ll get more eyes on the property. And by bringing the game of golf to the listing’s balcony, viewers also get to witness the property’s incredible views of the CN Tower in Toronto.

From there, some tongue-in-cheek humor from the “announcer” adds a creative way to showcase the features of the property:

If he wants to sink this, he’s going to have to play a large break into the open concept living room, through the dining area, and across the custom kitchen.

Voiceover for Matt's video

Keep in mind, she must not get distracted by the stunning West view of the CN Tower.

Voiceover for Anna's video

And now that we know the outlet by the balcony door is perfect for indoor golf, home shoppers in the area with a love for the sport (at least those who don’t have a fear of heights) could be taking a serious look at this property. 

We wouldn’t be surprised if buyers bring their clubs to a showing.