Today’s guest on the Over Ask Podcast is the first one to tell us how to utilize Twitter effectively for a real estate agent. And with Twitter’s newest feature—Twitter Notes—his insights on this are all the more timely.

The conversation starts with what Tom did wrong his first year in real estate, moving on to his first year of conferences, the personalized videos he sends his clients twice a year, and how he uses Twitter to land TV spots.

Tom also reveals how YouTube has helped explode his real estate business and how he gets clients to know him before he even shows up for the listing appointment. 

Tune in to get the details on the VIP treatment he gives his prospects before the listing presentation. 

Click on any of the timestamps below to watch: 

00:0000:35 Intro

03:39 What Tom did wrong his first year in real estate

06:21 What he implemented after the first year of conferences

10:36 The one-to-one video he sends to his clients twice a year

12:46 How vocalization and dialogue patterns build your knowledge and confidence

19:00 His #1 recommendation for agents who want to get on the news

21:57 The Broke Agent’s recommendation for getting the most out of Twitter

23:05 The ROI from Tom’s YouTube videos in 2022

25:13 Why YouTube is the best platform for agents who want to get more listings in 2023

28:42 Tom’s YouTube formula

31:37 How he plugs his Calendly link

35:03 What media sources he consumes to get his knowledge

38:06 The VIP experience he gives his clients before the listing appointment

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