This week, we’ve got The Real Word vs. Over Ask

That’s right, guest moderators Nicole White and Matt Lionetti join Byron Lazine and The Broke Agent for the first time on The Walk Thru. The four start the show by discussing 2022’s mover migration studies—and how you can pull out the positive data from these reports for your local market. 

Next, the moderators discuss something they’ve all had to do as content creators: overcome video nerves. They each give tactical advice for gaining confidence in front of the camera.

From there, the discussion turns to Twitter—including how Twitter Notes allows for long-form copy and why agents should start paying more attention to the platform. 

The show ends with two BAM announcements: BAM Creators and a BAM name change. Tune in for the full breakdown.

Click on any of the timestamps below to watch: 

  • 00:0002:35 Intro
  • 02:36 Real Word vs. Over Ask
  • 04:31 Topic #1 2022 Mover Migration Studies
  • 06:20 Get me out of California
  • 08:00 What’s happening in Toronto?
  • 10:29 Pull the data that’s positive for your market
  • 13:44 Topic #2 Overcome Video Nerves
  • 14:26 Matt’s advice: Enthusiasm sells
  • 21:49 Nicole’s advice: Go Live
  • 24:51 Eric’s advice: Team up
  • 26:41 Byron’s advice: Think macro to micro
  • 28:23 Topic #3 Twitter Notes
  • 29:58 Twitter should not be ignored
  • 35:05 How agents can use Twitter to grow their local business
  • 39:50 Topic #4 BAM Creators
  • 40:28 Two shows coming from Matt Lionetti
  • 43:10 Nicole’s reno skills
  • 45:10 Topic #5 BAM name change

Click here to watch the full episode. 

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