For this week in BAM, we’re sharing a couple of our most clicked-on articles in real estate news, agent tactics, and agent marketing. Because we don’t want you to miss anything that could help you stay informed, level up your skills, and grow your business. 

Let’s dive in! 

News You May Have Missed

While NAR leadership—old and new—are scrambling to salvage and rebuild their collective reputation, the financial toll of the Sitzer/Burnett verdict, not to mention the string of copycat lawsuits that have been filed since then, could put NAR in real danger of bankruptcy. 

Check out the BAM In Force Lawsuit Watch for the latest updates on copycat commission lawsuits. This week brought “3 New Commission Lawsuits in Illinois, Arizona, and New York.”

Agent Tactics

In the first BAM webinar of 2024, Tom Storey shared a one-question email with four possible answers that he sends out every six months—with great results! 

Tom Toole breaks down a four-step prospecting plan to use with everyone in your database who told you, “Call me after New Year’s” or “Call me after the holidays.” 

Katie Lucie shares how she builds her brand and her client base with three emails that convert—along with follow-up scripts for each one. 

Agent Marketing

Lindsey Jo shares her secret Instagram Story hack to get more referrals, with a step-by-step breakdown on how to create a Story template that will expand your reach, showcase your profile, and possibly gain some top-of-the-funnel leads. 

Krys Benyamein shares exactly what he would do if he had to restart his content journey from square one. Hint: It’s not about your video equipment. 

Stay tuned for another value-packed week in BAM! 

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