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  • Tracy Kasper, president of the National Association of Realtors (NAR) announced her resignation today, effective immediately, in response to a threat she received to disclose a personal matter. President-elect Kevin Sears is stepping into the role. 
  • Kasper had originally refused to step down and reported the threat to law enforcement. She ultimately decided to resign to avoid further repercussions for NAR. 

    National Association of Realtors® (NAR) announced today that President Tracy Kasper has resigned, citing a recent threat as her reason for stepping down. President-elect Kevin Sears is stepping into the role, effective immediately. 

    Kaper’s announcement follows several resignations from NAR leadership in 2023, though this is the first one that cites a threat as the reason. 

    Tracy Kasper Resigns as NAR President After Receiving a Threat

    Kasper recently received a threat to reveal a personal, non-financial matter from the past. At first, she refused and reported the threat to law enforcement. But ultimately, she felt it was best for the organization that she step down from her role as President. 

    “As president and a long-time member of NAR, I always have put the interests of NAR first. As a result of the recent threat and given the significance of this moment for myself, my family and the organization, it is again time for me to put the interests of NAR first. So, it is with a mix of gratitude and a heavy heart that I submit my resignation as your president effective immediately. In doing so, it gives our Leadership Team the ability to take the reins and forge forward in effecting the change that we all have worked so hard over the past few months to begin. I know I leave our members, our staff and our association in good hands.”

    Tracy Kasper

    Former President, NAR

    The Leadership Team at NAR expressed deep concern over any attempt to undermine the governance of the organization. In response to the situation, steps are being taken to protect the integrity of NAR.

    Changes to NAR Leadership Since August 2023

    Kasper is the second NAR President to resign from the role in the past five months. Kenny Parcell resigned in August 2023 after a New York Times exposé shared allegations of sexual harassment and workplace intimidation. 

    Following Parcell’s resignation, industry professionals from inside and outside of NAR called for the entire leadership team to step down. An anonymous letter from NAR staff demanded the removal of Bob Goldberg, Donna Gland and Katie Johnson, along with the resignation of Tracy Kasper, among other requests. The NAR Accountability Project, founded by Jason Haber, has also called for a new leadership team since its inception in August. 

    In November, former NAR CEO Bob Goldberg announced he would step down from his position early, with Interim CEO Nykia Wright taking over. Donna Gland, the head of Talent Development and Resources at the National Association of Realtors, also announced her retirement from the organization in November. 

    Kasper stepped into the role during a time of intense scrutiny. Along with allegations of a toxic workplace, commission lawsuits have kept NAR at the forefront of industry conversations. When the Sitzer/Burnet verdict ruled in favor of the plaintiffs, many questioned what NAR was accomplishing for its members. With significant changes to the leadership team since August, we will learn whether or not the organization will be able to rebuild trust within the industry. 

    Stay tuned for more updates.