Welcome back to the Sunday Scroll. A blog with one goal in mind: keep you entertained at your open house. This week’s Scroll has absolutely nothing to do with real estate and has everything to do with nostalgia. Recently, my YouTube algorithm strangely served me the video “End of Ze World” and it immediately gave me flashbacks of life before YouTube.

For context, I am a 32 year-old millennial who grew up on Ebaumsworld and illegally downloaded videos from Kazaa. My “computer guy” hated me and it took me about 45 minutes to start and load my virus-infested Dell. So, I have decided to compile a list of ten videos that will bring you back to a better time…a time before open houses (at least for me)…the early-mid 2000’s.

End of Ze World 

Gotta start with the video I referenced in the opening paragraph. I remember all of my friends constantly quoting this pencil-drawn animation: “Hokay here’s the Earth, Chillin.” Truthfully, I never truly understood the appeal of this and after watching it again I still don’t. It’s definitely clever and unique, but it doesn’t make me lol. Watch it and see for yourself.

Charlie Bit My Finger

You’ve seen this. Everyone has. This was one of the OG viral videos and its cuteness still holds up. If you want to feel really old these brothers came out with a ten year anniversary video of this FOUR years ago! Now these kids probably have their real estate license.

Charlie The Unicorn

Speaking of Charlies, remember those lunatic unicorns that took Charlieeee to Candy Mountain? This video was diabolical. It was another one of those weird AF videos that everyone watched and pretended to like because everyone watched it and pretended to like it. Kinda like “Salad Fingers.” Look it up.


I feel like every time I went in the computer room (remember those?) my sister was watching this video saying the word “betch” over and over. After watching this video again I can confirm that it still holds up and is still hilarious.

Blue (Da ba dee)

This isn’t really a viral “video” but it is certainly the first viral song that I experienced. Remember the classic debate about the chorus? What did Eiffel 65 actually say in the lyrics? Was it “If I would bleed I would die?” Was it about depression? Was it a joke? These memorable debates on the playground continued in the car as we would PRAY that this song would come on the local radio. At that time the listening options were limited. You could snipe it from Napster, purchase the actual CD at Sam Goody, or wait for it to come on in your mom’s car when she picked you up. Side note I always thought this would be such a banger today if DJ’s played this throwback at musical festivals.

Evolution of Dance

You can tell how old this video is by the quality. It’s got over 300 million views on YouTube and I’m probably 1,000 of them. For some reason I loved this video as a kid and now I can’t even get through the first 20 seconds.

The Dancing Nerd AKA “Break Dance Kid”

This is a better dance video than the Evolution one. I remember watching this and practicing the beginning robot portion in the mirror like an absolute idiot. The fun part about this video was that the dancer was an unassuming nerd who you wouldn’t expect to move like this.

Chocolate Rain

Another OG viral video. This deep, weird song took the world by storm and I haven’t heard of the singer since. I would look him up but I want to get this blog post over with. I just lost a bunch of money on The Kentucky Derby and I’m pissed. 

Double Rainbow

I’ll never forget this guy having straight up orgasms at the sight of some perfectly shaped rainbows. 

Whenever, Wherever by Shakira

Maybe this is a personal one. But, I LOVED Shakira. As a teenage boy she was the best thing to ever happen to me and witnessing her belly dancing for the first time in this video was life-changing. Shakira was also the first concert I ever went to (because of my sister of course). Still a great song.

Hope that burned some time for ya! Now, get back to your open and sell it. Don’t forget to press play on the mood music we curated for you.

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btw, Happy Mother’s Day!