Tatiana Londono is a complete boss with quite possibly the fanciest name in the industry. In this episode of the Over Ask Podcast, she shares what led to her career change, how real estate saved her life and her explosive success on TikTok. 

Self-made Millionaire 

Tatiana entered the real estate industry as a last resort because she was broke. Over the past two decades, she created a billion-dollar real estate group and became a self-made millionaire.

After closing a telemarketing business, Tatiana and her husband had no money coming in. Her father, a proud Colombian and real estate agent told her, “Tatiana, you need money, you become a real estate agent.” Within six weeks, Tatiana closed her first sale. And three years later, she opened her own agency. 

Not long after opening her agency, Tatiana was offered her own show on HGTV-USA called The Property Shop, which accelerated the growth of her team in its early stages. Throughout the years, Tatiana has continued to have incredible success in the industry, whether through coaching, investing, TikTok, or her book Real Estate Unfiltered: How to Become a Real Estate High Roller.

“It was in the stars. Real estate saved my life.” 

Tatiana Londono

Made for the Screen

Tatiana’s HGTV show isn’t the only screen time she has received. After diving into TikTok during quarantine, her account quickly exploded, thanks to help from her son Josh Pinto, who directed and filmed her videos. Now, she has over 2.6 million followers and numerous brand deals.

Tatiana quickly realized she needed to stick with real estate as her niche and started sharing how to make money in real estate, whether working as an agent or investing in properties. After gaining traction and making a couple of viral videos early on, Tatiana and Josh have continued to focus on the type of content that works. For Tatiana, that content is how to make money in real estate.

“It’s not the vanity. It’s about influencing people and showing them there’s another way that – if you’re stuck, if you weren’t too bright in high school, if you’re getting divorced and you don’t know how you’re going to make a living, if you want to move out, you don’t have much money, but you have a big mouth – guess what, real estate might be for you.”

Tatiana Londono

Responding to the Haters

Anyone with millions of followers has haters. Tatiana responds directly to criticisms on the platform, with a series called ‘Reacting to Haters.’

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While Tatiana brings her full personality to every video, she also pays attention to how people react. If the comments are all negative, then clearly it didn’t work. When there are both positive and negative comments, then you’ve hit the perfect balance.

“You have to balance hate vs. love. It should be equal. And that’s what makes a video go viral.”

Tatiana Londono

Investing and Money

Tatiana first got into investing as a way of forced savings. After coming to terms with the fact that she was spending too much, Tatiana put her money into an investment property instead of the bank. It didn’t take long for that first investment to go up in value – and from there, Tatiana has continued to build her wealth and portfolio through investing. 

Tatiana loves to spend and live large, and she also spreads the message that we can all choose to do good things with money. 

“If you are on the good side of things, money can change your life. And the quickest way for me was through real estate. And I just hope…that my message is contagious. I want people to know there is another way.”

Tatiana Londono

Watch the full episode for more of the conversation with Tatiana.

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