We’ve all seen those “overnight success” stories. It’s the moment when individuals or companies seemingly skyrocket to fame and fortune. 

And while the media loves to spotlight those stories and make them appear effortless, the truth always goes much deeper. Behind every sudden rise to prominence lies a foundation built on years of hard work and preparation. 

Along with years of discipline and determination (and most likely lots of failures), there are often some very strategic PR strategies at play. By focusing on three pillars of PR, those years of hard work not only pay off but are noticed by outside sources. And once the press picks up a story—well, that’s when the magic happens.

So, as you put in the hard work and learn to navigate upcoming changes in the real estate industry, amplify your efforts with these three PR pillars.  

#1—Publicity through Publication

The first step is getting published in local or national publications. I’ve shared how to craft a perfect press release and pitch it to journalists, and now is the perfect time to double down on getting your message out there. 

More than ever, the real estate industry needs positive stories in the news. Whether it’s an innovative program like DJ Soucy’s ‘Free Dog with Every Home Sold Program,’ or a groundbreaking sale or new listing that showcases your expertise and value as a real estate agent, these stories can captivate audiences and leave a lasting impression.

Securing publicity through publication is not just about gaining exposure—it’s about strategically positioning yourself as a leader in the industry, amplifying your message, and ultimately driving success for your real estate business. You can do this by crafting compelling stories that resonate with your target audience and effectively communicate your value proposition.

#2—Awards and Public Speaking

We’ve all rolled our eyes at the number of “awards” real estate professionals can stack up, some of which may seem less credible than others. But despite the cynicism surrounding awards, it’s important to recognize how consumers perceive them. 

Like with any product or service, consumers will research real estate agents before deciding who to work with. Those who showcase credibility online will stand out in the eyes of a home buyer or seller, and awards are one way to do that. 

I’m not saying you have to go out and pay for a bunch of awards that don’t mean anything to you. But don’t be shy about nominating yourself for something you deserve. And if and when you do receive an award, leverage it through press releases, social media announcements or a feature on your website. 

#3—Strategic Partnerships

Strategic partnerships play a pivotal role in unlocking new avenues for growth in the real estate industry. 

Focus on forging alliances with complementary businesses, organizations and industry influencers to extend your reach, access new markets, and create mutually beneficial opportunities. 

This might include:

  • Teaming up with local charities for community initiatives
  • Collaborating with fellow professionals on joint marketing campaigns
  • Partnering with reputable brands for exclusive promotions

A great example of this is the Concierge AuctionsKey for Key® program, developed in partnership with Giveback Homes. Through this initiative, luxury properties sold by Concierge Auctions provide funding for building new homes for families in need, showcasing the transformative power of strategic partnerships in effecting positive change.

Side note: If you’re in LA on April 11, join Concierge Auctions for its first Inaugural Los Angeles Live Sale. The exclusive sale features trophy properties from around the world—RSVP here.

By leveraging strategic partnerships, you can not only expand your professional network but also elevate your brand visibility and cultivate valuable leads.

Final Thoughts

While the media often focuses on quick success stories, the truth is that building a successful real estate business takes years of hard work and preparation, coupled with strategic PR maneuvers. By using PR strategies like getting featured in the news, winning awards, and forming partnerships, you can boost your visibility, connect with more people, and grow your business.

So, as you pursue your real estate goals, remember that success is a journey that involves smart decisions and determination—not overnight luck.