You have news to share, and you’ve already written a press release worthy of attention. 

But in order to secure editorial coverage, you need to go a step further. Strategic outreach to journalists is crucial to getting your information published in local or national outlets. 

Today, I’m sharing how to craft a pitch compelling enough to capture the interest of reporters and editors. 

#1—Research and Targeting

Before sending out your press release, you need to do a bit of homework. 

Identify active reporters who cover stories like the ones you want to be covered. One way to do this is with a Google search. Type in key search terms that appear in your press release. For example:

  • New listing in (market)
  • Record-setting sale in (location)
  • New development in (location)
  • New market data or trend in (location) 

From here, look through the search results to find recent stories—and the journalists who wrote them. These are the reporters who are most likely to cover real estate stories in your area. 

Ideally, you want to offer an exclusive of your listing to the top national and local outlets a week or two before you publish on the MLS.

#2—Contextualize Your Pitch

Now that you’ve found journalists to contact, make your pitch relevant by tying it to recent articles they have written. Referencing their previous work demonstrates that you’ve done your research and adds a personal touch to your pitch. 

For instance, let’s say you are a real estate agent in New York City with an exclusive penthouse listing. Once you have targeted journalists who cover luxury listings in NYC, you can send a pitch similar to the following:

Hello [Journalist’s Name],

I thoroughly enjoyed your recent article on the booming luxury real estate market in Manhattan. [Insert Link to article] 

As someone deeply immersed in the New York real estate scene, I wanted to share an exciting development with you. We’d like to offer you the exclusive of an exquisite penthouse in the heart of Manhattan, boasting unparalleled views and amenities. Here is a link to our press release for more details: [Insert Link]. 

I would love to discuss this further and provide additional insights for your coverage. I can be reached at [phone number].



Keep your pitch concise, being sure to link to your press release and offer your time to discuss further. 

Lion & Orb recently secured coverage in the Tampa Bay Business Journal for Compass agent DJ Soucy using this approach. Not only did it get more eyes on the listing, but it showcased Soucy as a credible real estate professional in his market. 

#3—Utilize SEO Strategies

Craft your pitch and your press release with SEO in mind to increase its visibility. This will appeal to journalists as well as your intended audience.

To do this, incorporate relevant keywords and phrases. Here are some newsworthy keywords for real estate agents to use:

  • Exclusive listing
  • New record
  • Record-breaking sale
  • Highest listing price
  • First [development, sale, etc] of its kind
  • Only [listing, sale, etc]
  • Most expensive

You can also focus on anything that makes your services or team stand out, like a charity partnership, client events, or specialized expertise. 

By including these terms in your subject line, email body, and press release, you are showcasing to the reporter that your story is newsworthy and relevant. 

Why Securing Media Coverage Matters for Real Estate Agents

Securing editorial coverage enables real estate agents to reach a broader audience and build trust with potential clients.  Unlike traditional advertising or social media posts, this type of publicity provides a third-party endorsement, lending credibility to your brand and expertise. 

Crafting the perfect pitch requires a blend of research, creativity, and strategic thinking. But taking the time to do this greatly increases your chances of securing valuable media coverage. 

Remember—the agents who aren’t afraid to reach out and pitch their work are the ones who will be featured and quoted in publications.