Hello. Let me first introduce myself. My name is Dan Oneil AKA “Danny Deals” and I just turned 28 years old. I am the founder of The Oneil Team, Long Island’s number one real estate team, and host of Between 2 Lock Boxes. As you can tell by that intro this is my first ever attempt at a blog. I have a five year comm degree from Coastal Carolina which is about as useless as having a five year comm Degree from Coastal Carolina. I played baseball okay?!

The point of my blogs will be to entertain, educate (hopefully), and share my journey in real estate as I navigate adulthood, business, and all the crazy shit that happens to me in this industry. Today’s blog is about the pain I went through selling my own house… and let me tell you I now have such a better understanding and appreciation for what our clients go through. From the stress of showings to deciding an offer to kids touching everything to having agents cancel on me after cleaning up… IT WAS A NIGHTMARE.

Let me explain how bad this was

First off my team and I sell over 200 houses a year but you would think I’ve never sold a house in my life. For starters, I decided to list my house on my birthday (idiot). Secondly, I didn’t make a funny/viral video which I try to do for every major listing I get.

There’s some expression here about a cobbler always having the worst shoes. Thirdly, I scheduled showings three days in a row, every 15 minutes, for basically every house of daylight. Diabolical move. I had no time in between each showing, had a million people at my house at once, and ran out of booties in the first 5 minutes. I had over 130 showings…oh, and I forgot about the 7 foot felted beer pong table in my backyard that made me look like I was still a “student” at Coastal Carolina. Terrible look.

I realized after this experience that I hate people in my house. It’s uncomfortable having people touching every wall, opening my cabinets, and rubbing their sick hands along my duvet. I must have had 18 panic attacks in three days. The anxiety I was feeling got so severe that I actually broke out in hives. So, naturally I tried to cover up the hives by tanning…twice in the same day like an absolute lunatic. This made me look worse and I also had my new girlfriend visiting me for the first time ever. Shocked she is still with me because when she showed up I looked like Will Smith in Hitch.

Side note: why did Hitch, who is supposed to be the king of smooth, invite a girl to jet ski at 7 AM on a weekday for their first date? He then kicked her in the face and dragged her to Ellis Island to show her the name a relative who happened to be an axe murderer. Just take her to drinks?

Selling my own house gave me perspective

Anyway, as the weekend of showings continued my camera crew decided it was a good idea to bring me a joint to help me calm my nerves. That worked. Not. Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror when you’re high? Imagine doing that but with hives, sun poisoning, and an eight person family running around your house measuring everything like they already owned the place. I started telling people my stove was wood burning and my fireplace was a matte black stainless steel oven. 

Thankfully, we are in the hottest seller’s market of all time so my full-blown panic attack didn’t destroy the mission. I somehow managed to sell my house for 75k over ask and gained an extreme appreciation for my clients that was absent prior to this experience. Selling your own house gives you perspective and allows you to relate more with the anxieties and decision-making they are going through. It’s easy to joke and complain about your “stressed out, indecisive clients” but now I totally get it. I have become a way better agent and I have far more empathy for my clients. I’ve also come to the conclusion that all agents should be mandated to have bought or sold a house on their own…What do you think?