What’s the easiest way to get your pipeline established—and make it dynamic?

This may be one of the best tactics I’ve talked about on Agent Hacks. My team took this hack, which came from Jeff Thibodeau, and put it on steroids. We implemented it at the end of December—and it’s still working.

Take time this week to implement this strategy—setting up your pipeline for the entire year.

Tag your leads

As long as you have a CRM, most CRMs allow you to tag a lead, whether it’s a first-time home buyer, an investor, an estate sale, or an expired listing. You can tag leads to filter them by category. 

Imagine if you did this: Create a new tag called “2023 Opportunity,” and tag every single person you’ve spoken to who is considering transacting in 2023. 

It’s simple. It’s easy. But wait…there’s more. 

Once you tag them, you will have a solid idea of what your pipeline looks like. That’s exciting, and it helps you visualize, which is really important from a day-to-day confidence perspective. 

It keeps you going and keeps you motivated. 

Create a smart segment in your CRM

Most CRMs will allow you to create a smart segment. My team uses BoomTown, which puts the smart segment on the left-hand side. Using this, you can put different filters onto your leads, hit smart segment, and they’ll just pop up automatically.

So, with the “2023 Opportunity” tag and a smart segment in your CRM, it easy to add people to the list every single day.

That’s your pipeline. It’s right there. It’s up and visual. Then you can utilize all the other features your CRM has, like filtering by— 

  • Last time you contacted them
  • Who’s active on the website
  • Who’s looking at properties
  • Who’s looking at the sales data you’re sending them

All of a sudden, your pipeline becomes dynamic. Your pipeline tells you who’s more active out of those 63 or 105 or 210 opportunities you’ve got in front of you. 

And now, you can visually keep track of it in real-time— 

  • When you’re speaking to them
  • How you’re following up with them, and
  • How you’re moving these people through the funnel

Here are some keys to making the most of this agent hack:

#1: Keep it up and visual. 

You’ve got to look at this every single day. This is no different from the hot buyers you’re trying to convert or the hot sellers you’re trying to get a listing appointment with. 

You want to look at this and keep it visual every single day. This is your business in real-time. 

And then here’s the crazy part: You call them. You call them constantly; you stay in touch with them. And most importantly, you bring value. 

Hey, did you see what the Fed did at the last meeting?” or “Hey, did you see mortgage rates drop? That raises buyer affordability, and here’s how that helps you.

All that data you get in real-time, take it to your pipeline first. Send a video to all your 2023 opportunities with any breaking news. 

#2: Keep your CRM up to date

Obviously, you’ve got to use the CRM because if it’s not in the CRM, it didn’t happen. So, you want to make sure you consistently update it. 

This is one of the easiest things you can do, and it’s going to be one of the most effective as long as you— 

  • Call your prospects and leads
  • Keep your pipeline up and visual
  • Use the filtering features available in every CRM
  • Use the tag and tag all the people you think are going to transact 

Do this, and you’ve got a dynamic pipeline right in front of you.