Today, I am taking my yearly 24-hour pause from fighting the Instagram algorithm, posting memes, and publishing content to get sentimental with you, the real estate community.

For eight years I ran The Broke Agent as a team of one, and I would be lying if I said it wasn’t a lonely, confusing operation. My time was divided between selling real estate (well, trying to sell real estate) and posting content that actively worked against selling real estate. 

(Calling yourself The Broke Agent is not a great look for the luxury market in LA.)

Instead of spending my days reaching out to my database, scouring the MLS, and learning the market, I would spend them liking photos, commenting on accounts, posting memes into Facebook Groups, and doing whatever I could to build an audience. 

But what was the point? To sell a comic book called Commission Impossible to my own mom? I had no plan and constantly debated quitting The Broke Agent to go all-in on real estate or to get out of this industry entirely.

Today, I am very thankful that I did not do that. Instead, I went all-in on The Broke Agent, and now we have BAM!

We launched Broke Agent Media, which is now BAM, in April of 2022. What started as just an idea on a whiteboard with myself and Byron Lazine has evolved into a media company with daily articles, shows, podcasts, parties, digital and in-person events, and an exclusive platform and community where agents learn to build their brand. BAM now has a staff of 13, 30+ Contributors, and 12 exclusive agent Creators who make content for us. 

 I am thankful to no longer be a team of one.

I am thankful to have Byron as a brilliant partner and the fact that he chooses to go live EVERY SINGLE weekday on The Hot Sheet to deliver the only daily live real estate show in existence. I also pity him for that…

I am thankful for our BAM TEAM who tirelessly work around the clock to make sure every piece of content is delivered to our audience with the level of detail and thoughtfulness that this industry deserves. 

I am thankful for everyone who creates content with us and for us. Almost all of our Creators, Contributors and podcast guests are actual top producers with teams, clients, families, and busy lives. The fact that they are willing to take the time to write with us and film with us is truly amazing, and I am very grateful. They believe in what we are building here, and it’s their personalities that have taken us to the next level and separated us from other media companies.    

Finally, I am thankful for you. Whether you are a passive reader of, attend our events and parties, listen to our podcasts, comment on our Instagram, or you just downloaded an ebook and are getting this email for the first time wondering WTF is going on, I am truly thankful for you. I know most of you are busy real estate agents being pulled in a thousand different directions, and it doesn’t go unrecognized that you choose to spend some of your time and attention with us here at BAM. 

This community is special, and it feels like we are all growing together—and finally holding this industry accountable. 

Have a Great Thanksgiving!

Good luck fielding questions from your cousin about the commission lawsuit, the impending market doom, and how agents are going to be replaced by AI. 

Oh, and look out for tomorrow’s email about our BAMx membership. You won’t want to miss it…