Just how meaningful is a ranking system for real estate teams if no one can agree on what the word “team” actually means? 

This week on The Real Word, Byron Lazine and Nicole White start their discussion on an Inman article written by BAM Creator Troy Palmquist—with a title that makes for one hell of a hook: “Team Structures are a Trainwreck. Here’s Why It’s Ruining Rankings.” 

The next topic was a BAM article on Zillow’s down payment assistance program, which was launched in December 2021. A year later, over one million people have used the resource. 

Byron and Nicole discuss how important it is for agents to help their clients and prospects find the help they need (and to steer clear of predatory scams). 

Today’s “Left, Middle, Right” segment covered two Wall Street Journal articles. For the first, Byron pointed out the misleading title, “Casino Mogul Steve Wynn Is Betting on the Luxury Market,” since his recent unloading of $300 million in real estate suggests he’s betting against it.

The second WSJ article, “Dollar Stores Lead a Surge in New Retail Openings,” revealed an opportunity for real estate agents and property owners in underserved rural areas. 

Click on any of the timestamps below to watch: 

00:0000:50 Intro

00:50 Topic #1: “Team Structures are a Train Wreck

03:44 Agents paying for top ranking

12:35 I don’t believe a team could be in multiple states.

21:32 Topic #2: “Over One Million Searched for Down Payment Assistance

25:05 Directing potential buyers to the right places for assistance

28:08 Telling the consumer what it [really] costs to buy a home

29:39 LMR #1: “Casino Mogul Steve Wynn Is Betting on the Luxury Market.”

31:21 An indicator of what’s to come?

32:00 LMR #2: (WSJ) “Dollar stores lead the surge in retail openings.”

33:05 If you’re an agent who serves in an underserved rural area…

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